‘90s Beauty Was Everywhere This Halloween, But In So Many Different Forms

Plus, the best celebrity looks of the year.

Hailey Bieber YSL roses costume Halloween

Forget the piles of leftover candy and best-friend debriefs — the actual best part of the post-Halloween rush is checking out what everyone else wore on the big night(s). Celebrities, with their unfettered access to custom costumes and professional glam teams, make for optimal group-chat discussions — were the looks original? Done to death? Intricate? Simple? Trick question, celebrity Halloween beauty and costumes are never simple. Even when they’re seemingly more low-key, there’s always an unexpected, bespoke element that takes their Halloween aesthetic well beyond standard-issue Party City fare. Just look at Kendall Jenner’s Toy Story pigtails or Lizzo’s head-to-toe Marge Simpson body paint — they’re popular, classic costumes, but the attention to detail (and professional assistance) put them on the next level.

Below, TZR rounds up the best new celebrity Halloween beauty looks of the year, putting all that creativity and elaborate elements in one place. While the party-heavy Halloweekend is over, Monday night is still the real deal — and that means plenty of time to work on an entirely new look. But even if you’re staying home to pass out candy, watching something scary, or just carrying on like any other night, these celebrity Halloween looks are begging to be discussed.

Hailey Bieber


Carrying on the age-old tradition of celebrities dressing up like other celebrities, Hailey Bieber’s look is a spot-on replica of a 1999 Yves Saint Laurent look famously worn by supermodel Laetitia Casta. For the garden-goddess costume, Bieber wore long, crimped mermaid waves and some strategically-placed face gems at her eyes’ outer corners.



Ciara and her daughter’s pitch-perfect Williams sisters costume is double the fun — and so adorable. Wearing Serena and Venus’ signature beaded braids and recreating their iconic Got Milk? campaign, the mother-daughter duo nailed the look. Ciara’s well-placed body glow highlighting her sculpted biceps helps, too.

Megan Fox


In another celeb-as-a-celeb moment, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly surprised no one when they appeared at a party as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee — Fox’s Instagram caption was even, “But are these even costumes?” For the sultry ‘90s look, Fox’s makeup artist, Jenna Kristina, used a slew of NUDESTIX products to warm her cheeks and create a pink, glossy lip.

Kendall Jenner


Back to hosting duties for her annual birthday-Halloween party, Kendall Jenner took her love for the open range (fine, a rustic mansion in Wyoming) and translated it into a sexy, body-baring Toy Story costume. Her glossy braided pigtails and warm coral blush would look great next to any ensemble, costume or not.



Lizzo might be the queen of Halloween costumes in general. She always jumps into the look with both feet (often literally), offering herself up for full-blown special effects transformations — remember last year’s Baby Yoda getup? This year, Lizzo embraced all-over yellow with her real-life Marge Simpson costume, complete with the biggest blue bouffant ever.

Olivia Rodrigo

Dressed as the eternally iconic Betty Boop, an inky, flipped-out black wig looks so cool on Olivia Rodrigo. The singer-songwriter often opts for more sophisticated, low-key costumes — her Scarface look from last year is an all-time great — and this follows suit. The exaggerated eyelashes add an exciting (and accurate) extra dimension to the costume.

Kylie Jenner


It’s all part of the costume, sure, but did Kylie Jenner just quietly give a nod of approval to straight, slanted “Spock brows”? She’s dressed as a glammed-up Bride of Frankenstein, complete with the instantly-recognizable white hair streak, but if you find yourself gravitating to the extreme brows and ultra-long stiletto nails, you’re not alone.

Lori Harvey


You can count the number of people who could pull off a Beyoncé Halloween costume on one hand — and Lori Harvey would probably be the first name to come up. For Halloween 2022, Harvey recreated a whopping three Beyoncé video looks, but these wind-blown curls and pink-on-pink makeup from the “Check On It” video is beyond breathtaking.

Paris Hilton


This year, Paris Hilton’s Halloween costume is a tribute to everyone’s favorite crimefighting blonde. Her Sailor Moon costume is a blinged-out, sultry take on the original look, complete with a gilded tiara perched over pigtails — though it would have been cool to see them look a bit more meatball-y.

Chloe Bailey

In her electrifying Storm costume, Chloe Bailey proves she should dabble with platinum blonde again in the near future — it looks incredible on her. In fact, everything about her special effects-enhanced X-Men look is worth incorporating into everyday life — her long stiletto nails, the mauve eyeshadow, distinct lip liner, and perfect highlight-contour ratio among them.

Ariana Grande


Do as many double-takes as necessary — yes, that’s actually Ariana Grande as Jennifer Coolidge, not the other way around. A shocking accurate tribute to Best In Show, the greatest comedy movie of the century, Grande simulated Coolidge’s plumped pout and bedroom eyes, along with a half-up ponytail.