Don’t Fear The Crimped Hair Resurrection — Just Embrace It

Shhh, it’s actually so good.

Kim Kardashian crimped curly hair

Love it or hate it, the biggest and boldest beauty trends from decades gone by will always find a way to reemerge — though they’re often reinvented and remixed for totally new generations to discover. The ‘80s and ‘90s, perhaps due to how recent they still feel, are particularly prevalent, with more and more stars gravitating to crimped hair. The celebrity way to wear the trend doesn’t follow any sort of rulebook. Some crimps are tighter, more like mermaid waves than a funky, nearly geometric pattern. On the other side of the coin, though, those distinctly retro versions still abound.

There are several different ways to create and personalize the look, even without a specially designated crimping device. Yes, tong-style hot tools with corrugated plates are often the fastest way to get get those grooves stamped in, but it can easily be recreated by alternating directions with a curling iron clamp and even weaving in braids of different sizes. In fact, when celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton was working on creating Kim Kardashian’s tight, disco-style crimps, he wound strands around a bent wire hanger, then applied heat for staying power. Now that’s commitment to the craft — and it really paid off.

Below, explore some of the latest and greatest crimped hairstyles from some of the most cutting-edge celebrities out there.

Keke Palmer


Ultra-glossy and satisfyingly long, Palmer’s hair is the ultimate example of a modern take on crimps. Each bend is evenly spaced and conditioned to glistening perfection.

Kim Kardashian


For some added fluff, Appleton brushed out the bottom portion of Kardashian’s tight crimps. The result is a stunning look that’s part-disco diva, part-otherworldly enchantress.

Kate Hudson


Don’t Hudson’s undone braids look so Penny Lane coded? Hers start halfway down her hair, with an inch of straight ends at the bottom — it makes her style feel so effortless.



The latest star to hop on the crimped craze? The Queen Bey herself. The bends and waves really pop in her just-dyed platinum hair, a look fans loved when she posted it on Instagram over the holiday season.

Margot Robbie

Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Hi, ‘90s Barbie! Her entire press tour for the Mattel film centered on bringing the character’s most iconic looks to life, and Robbie’s long, crimped hair at the Mexico premiere is an exact replica of the 1994 special edition Barbie — you could stamp the doll’s hair with an included tool.


Amy Sussman/Getty Images

What better way to call attention to chic crimps than a rainbow overlay? The bends and curves look even stronger with the black-on-pink color pairing.

Ariana Grande

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

To just dip a toe in the trend, try Grande’s approach and just add a bit of crimping through one area. She only stamped a small portion of her trademark ponytail, adding cool dimension to her ombré color blend.

Gabrielle Union

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Soft and subtle, Union’s crimps are whisper-soft and barely there — perfect for incorporating the instantly-recognizable style into your everyday look.