This DIY Concoction Is Cardi B’s Secret To Major Hair Growth

Looks like it really works

Cardi B Hair

Cardi B is known for many things — chart-topping hits, a hilariously relatable personality, and outlandishly sultry looks, to name a few. Of her over-the-top looks, her hair is always a notable factor (usually at the hands of her go-to hairstylist Mia aka @tokyostylez). Cardi B’s natural hair is often wrapped up under glamorous wigs of all different colors and styles but don’t let that fool you into thinking she isn’t rocking full luscious natural inches underneath. The star has shared bits of her natural hair journey throughout her stardom and recently is back on the ‘gram sharing tips for hair growth on her page.

The rapper took to her Instagram on Friday August 13 to share a picture of her natural hair, which is healthy and long — it reaches just above her tailbone to be exact. The star has been using a DIY concoction that is totally unexpected and may sound a little gross at first. “My last 2 washes I been boiling onions and using the water to wash my hair. I used to do this 6 years ago when I started my healthy hair growth journey. I stopped cause I got really lazy. Its odorless and I notice that it’s been giving a shine to my hair,” the mother of two captioned the post.

While this method may seem unconventional, judging by the images, it’s tried and true — Cardi B’s hair looks long and healthy. Also DIY hair masks and sprays have been known to yield real results here and there. Rice Water has been proven to strengthen hair and promote growth, “In fermented rice water, there's plenty of selenium, magnesium, folic acids, vitamins B1 through B6, niacins, and vitamin K,” cosmetic chemist and trichologist Debbie Williams previously told TZR.

Onion juice also has a few proven effects for hair growth. In a study done on subjects with alopecia, the results found that “the use of crude onion juice gave significantly higher results with regard to hair re-growth than did tap water, and that it can be an effective topical therapy for patchy alopecia areata.” Onions do, after-all, contain antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties, and dietary sulfur (also found in keratin), all of which can significantly aide in hair growth.

Cardi B posted another shot of her voluminous hair yesterday, this time in a high ponytail and the comments are filled with fans and fellow stars swooning over the hair. “This hair is just 😍,” SZA commented; “Always loved your natural hair…gorgeous!!!🔥🔥🔥,” said another fan.

Thanks to these two posts alone, onions are probably about to fly off the shelves. If you want to get in on this hair growth secret, Medical News Today recommends peeling about four onions, chopping them into small pieces, and extracting the juice out of the onion by either squeezing it or using a juicer. An alternative method is to do what Cardi B does and simply boil the onions whole and apply the water to the roots of your hair.