Cardi B’s Acid-Colored Hair Feels Like Halloween In Summertime

It’s too cool.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images
Cardi B at Schiaparelli show

Cardi B’s epic quest to try every possible hair color — and color combination, for that matter — continues. She’s experimented with pinks, yellows, reds, and blues, weaving them into highlights or swirling them into vibrant ombré dip-dyes, and they always make for a seriously exciting look. Even by the rapper standard’s though, her latest rainbow-hued shade is a particularly cool one. Cardi B’s green hair is the focal point of her new Rolling Stone cover, an electric shade of acid streaked through the ends of her hip-length blowout. It’s a perfect match to her futuristic body suit and cut-out tights, and adds a rather punk element to her cover look. All in all, it’s an edgy and exciting departure for the star while still feeling very much within her aesthetic wheelhouse.

In the just-released magazine issue, Cardi strikes a series of dynamic poses while sounding off about her upcoming music releases, legacy, and even the state of American politics. The shoot is just as thrilling as fans would expect, featuring an assortment of manicures, high-fashion outfits, her now-signature skinny brows, and even a shot of her in neon red-tipped wig to complement the green in the issue’s eye-grabbing lead image.

While it’s actually Cardi’s third cover appearance for Rolling Stone, every musician and pop culture fixer knows the magazine is still a major get. As such, she turned to her most trusted beauty professionals to help nail the bold, bright looks. Her hair is the work of legendary wig-maker Tokyo Stylez, the creative who’s behind so many of her coolest music video moments. Stylez even shared a behind-the-scenes video to her own Instagram that shows the intricate process behind bringing the red-streaked wig to life.

Meanwhile, Cardi’s sharp cat-eye makeup and defined lips are thanks to her longtime cosmetic collaborator Erika La’Pearl, who serves as the rapper’s key artist for virtually all of her projects. La’Pearl let Instagram fans in on a backstage tidbit too, disclosing that i-ENVY Lashes were used on the rapper throughout the shoot.

With yet another hair color checked off Cardi’s list, it’s anyone’s guess which direction she’ll go in next.