Cardi B’s Best Hairstyles Are Are An Extension Of Her Unending Creativity

Take a look back at her greatest hits.

Cardi B side part bussdown

If Cardi B weren’t a world-famous rapper, you get the sense that she’d still be widely known in another field — likely anything aesthetically-driven. One of the most experimental, visually creative stars of her generation, it’s rare to ever see her in the same thing twice. Be it an outfit, an updo, or a makeup look, she thrives on change and self-expression. That’s a large part of why Cardi B’s best-ever hairstyles double as some of the best beauty moments in recent celebrity history. From her big breakthrough back in 2017 with the release of “Bodak Yellow”, she’s consistently served up looks that are equally glamorous, imaginative, and envelope-pushing, proving her artistry is far from limited to simply music alone.

The 2020s have been especially exciting for Cardi B. A steady stream of public appearances, music videos, and brand partnerships have meant she’s delivering a brand-new hairstyle to her fans virtually every week. But even with such a vigorous output, her ideas never seem to slow down or get any less exciting. Consider the way she plays around with color, like the faded purple roots she added to a classic platinum blonde. There’s her love for going retro, like her big, Prince-style curls, and ‘60s-inspired flipped bouffant. No matter if you follow her for her music, her style, or her humor, there’s one thing about Cardi: you’ll never be bored.

Ahead, journey back through some of Cardi B’s all-time best hairstyles.

‘80s-Style Curls


Styled and cut into a modern take on a classic ‘80s mullet, Cardi’s tight curls and long, floppy bangs can’t help but feel reminiscent of another music icon: Prince. The look is an increasingly popular one, often referred to as a “wolf cut.”

Literal Hair Bow


Of course Cardi the rapper has a love of wordplay. Rather than top her long, side-parted blowout with a tied ribbon, she decided to take the concept of a hair bow extremely literally. Perched right atop her head, it’s the coolest accessory imaginable.

Extra-Long Caramel

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The superstar’s best hair moments don’t necessarily have to be extreme to be impactful. At a Fendi runway show during Milan Fashion Week, Cardi stepped out with long, straight highlights that matched the bronze tones in her sequin turtleneck.

Soft Purple Roots


Instead of going for an all-over purple color, Cardi B transformed just her roots with a cool ombré technique. It fades the orchid shade into the blonde platinum for a surprisingly subtle look.

Cherry Cola Pixie


Doesn’t this red pixie look like something straight out of a ‘00s ad campaign? For her “Enough” music video, she transformed her hair, eyebrow shape, and even her eye color (using a blue-tinted pair of contacts) for an unreal metamorphosis.

Soft-Cut Fringe

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Cardi can do classic glamour just as well as she can do retro charm or futuristic looks. At the 2022 Met Gala, she complemented her gold-dripped Versace gown with a ‘90s-esque updo, complete with wispy bangs.

Rainbow Stencils


Arguably her coolest look ever, Cardi teamed up with legendary wig artist Tokyo Stylez to create a set of neon stenciled crosses down the length of her bright blonde hair. It’s colorful, it’s creative, and it’s utterly unforgettable.

Retro Flipped Bob


Taking on yet another iconic decade — this time the ‘60s — Cardi leans all the way in with both styling and accessories. Her big, teased beehive would be perfectly on-theme on its own, but coupled with those flipped ends and the outfit-matching headband? Sheer excellence.

Butter Blonde Layers


Matching the funky rubber soles of her boots, Cardi’s vibrant butter-yellow hair is a fun hybrid between a classic blonde and a neon. The kicker are the long, curled in layers that emphasize her bone structure.

Curls & Pearls


Always one for a good accessory, Cardi matched her pearl-covered gown to her hairpiece by weaving strands of luminous pearls in with her long curls. They wrap around the spirals, emphasizing their shape.