Brooklyn Decker Is The Latest Celeb To Get Real About Embracing Her Natural Gray Hair Color

“Grays on grays on grays for days and I’m kinda digging ‘em.”

Brooklyn Decker / Instagram

It’s hard to imagine there was ever a period more ripe for hair experimentation than the start of the pandemic; with months stuck at home and endless uncertainty about when we’d enter back into civilization, it made for the perfect storm in which to test out bangs, pink dye, and just chopping it all off. At the same time, though, there was another hair movement altogether thanks to the sudden lack of salon access: Embracing one’s natural hair color and texture, which seemingly just as many people quickly got on board with. Even celebrities joined in on the fun, sharing newfound love of their beautiful curls and silvery white strands all over Instagram. Yet, while the bold hues have started to die down, it seems that the move to go au naturel is sticking around a bit longer. The latest proof of this? Brooklyn Decker, who’s gone gray freely, as shown by a recent Instagram post.

The 33-year-old model opened up about her changing hair color with a playful selfie on April 7, noting in the caption that she’s a fan her current shade. “Grays on grays on grays for days and I’m kinda digging ‘em,” she wrote. That said, the actor doesn’t seem to be ready to go gray full-time just yet. “To be clear, I’m getting it colored next week, I’m not ready for the full commitment... but I’ve certainly enjoyed it.”

Decker may not be permanently gray just yet, but it’s clear her friends and fans are fully on board with her decision to try out a natural look for a little while; in fact, it seems a few may be joining her. Stylist Karla Welch commented on the post, “I have tons,” while another follower wrote, “I went natural gray this year because, why the f*ck not?! Loving it on both of us.”

Decker joins a slew of other major celebrities who have already made the jump to silver this past year, as well: Tamera Mowry, Kelly Ripa, and Eva Longoria are just a few of the many who got real about ditching the dye. And though it’s of course most important for people to do whatever’s most comfortable for them and no one else, it’s certainly inspiring to see so many embracing their natural selves — and something that hopefully will continue, even as life gets back to normal.