Beyoncé’s Glittery New Manicure Keeps The Renaissance Vibes Going

And why not?

Beyonce blonde hair

It’s kind of a classic Beyoncé moment, really. Despite deciding to skip the 2024 Met Gala — something of a power move for a celebrity of her caliber — she’s still responsible for one of the more influential beauty looks of the season. In a new series of photos taken over the past several days, including inside what appears to be her private jet hanger at backstage at Stagecoach, the megastar showed off a pair of thigh-high leather boots, an American flag-print headscarf, and one of her all-time coolest manicures. Beyoncé’s silver glitter nails are the perfect spangly complement to her head-to-toe patriotic gear, though a little unexpected for this time of year — but that’s actually what makes them so excellent.

With its cool-toned color a festive finish, a silver glitter manicure might make you think of more wintery months. But Bey’s been incorporating the shade, and metallics in general, into her musical aesthetic since the release of her 2022 studio album Renaissance. Exploring a retro-meets-futuristic theme, later revisited in this year’s Cowboy Carter, it’s become something of a calling card for Beyoncé. She’s woven it into her outfits, her nails, jewelry, and even her hair color, which she dyed a shimmery shade of platinum back in November.


In the new photos shared to her Instagram, Bey is seen with her usual extra-long oval-shaped nails, shellacked in a sparkly silver — but she took care to not go too terribly heavy on the glitter. The reflective, light-refracting flecks are all still there to be sure, but they’re not very chunky, prismatic, or even especially close together. In fact, they’re a bit sparse, offering up a more subtle shine that allows the rest of her bold outfit to have a moment for itself.

Believe it or not, it’s actually a pretty pared-back manicure look for Bey overall. The past few months have been filled with intricate, painstakingly crafted designs, like her turquoise-studded French tips, or her stars-and-stripes nail pattern. Not everyone can make a smattering of metallic glitter look casual, but really, it’s all just part of the Beyoncé Effect.