Beyoncé’s Moved On From Her Signature Makeup Color To Something Even Better

Upgrade U.

Beyonce high ponytail

Her Renaissance era — both acts — might have been marked by sparkling silvers and gleaming platinums, but it looks like Beyoncé is all about a different sort of metallic right now. To complement both her Western-inspired ensembles and her return to a warmer, more buttery shade of blonde hair, Beyoncé’s gold eyeshadow is shimmering and attention-grabbing, while still managing to feel a little subtle. She might be trading her in her signature era shadow shade, but this new one might just be even better.

According to some very dedicated stan sleuths in her Instagram comment section, Beyoncé wore the gilded makeup look to a birthday party thrown for one of Jay-Z’s relatives. She dressed in all black, including a cutout dress, ostrich feather-looking jacket, and a dangling bolo tie fastened with a diamond-encrusted broach in the center. She seems to have left her platinum-blonde hair — which many speculate was just a very high-quality wig — behind, letting her honey-colored curls and brighter pops of highlights take over. That color palette helped set the stage for the sweep of gold eyeshadow that runs from her lash line all the way up past her crease, where it meets a slightly deeper shade of bronze to define her entire eye.


It appears that a lighter, more luminous shade is strategically fixed in the inner corners, offering a pop of highlight that’s visible even in her low-lighting selfie. Of course, she caps the entire look off with a thin, immaculate stretch of eyeliner across her top and bottom lashes, and a fluttery set of falsies.

It might be too deep a reading, but some fans wonder if this noticeable aesthetic pivot could be setting the stage for another chapter in her Renaissance anthology. Platinum blonde hair and silvery makeup linked both Act I and the Cowboy Carter Act II, but wouldn’t it just be so classic Beyoncé to end the series on Act II with all sorts of golden, gilded elements?

No matter what the superstar gets up to next, it won’t be boring. When’s the last time you saw someone dressed this glamorous to go to her husband’s family member’s birthday celebration?