Bella Hadid’s New Pixie-Mullet Proves Her Versatility Knows No Bounds

*Insert fire emoji*

Bella Hadid

Is there any look Bella Hadid can’t pull off? Seriously. While the model has naturally curly, blondish locks, she’s been dying it her signature dark brown since she was a teenager and is constantly changing things up. Most of the time, her most dramatic hair transformations are for photoshoots or runway shows and therefore are temporary looks. Such is the case with Bella Hadid’s pixie cut that she just revealed on Instagram, but that doesn’t take away the shock factor.

In a series of photos that appear to be a campaign for the Michael Kors Karlie bag, Hadid is wearing a yellow latex mini dress, a black leather jacket, and thigh-high black leather boots. The accessories are on point too; aside from the black purse she’s promoting, Hadid has asymmetrical gold hoop earrings with a swirl detail as well a bright orange, ‘90s-style barrette in her hair, which is styled into an edgy pixie cut complete with baby bangs. The look is most likely a wig, but it’s something that Hadid could easily pull off in a more permanent way.

Hardly your average pixie cut, the style is a bit longer at the nape of Hadid’s neck as well as by her ears, giving it a mullet-like effect. Her baby bangs are also cut asymmetrically, the shortest being on the left side of her face and getting longer toward the right side of her face.

There’s a lot for fans to fawn over in these photos (which is probably why they garnered over half a million likes in under a day), but it’s safe to say that Hadid’s dramatic hair change is a big reason for the fanfare on social media. Though it’s certainly a departure from her usual slicked-back buns and ponytails, the model is known for taking risks on set. Last year, she shocked followers with a behind-the-scenes selfie showing off her dip-dyed blunt bob with bangs. A few months later, she took to Instagram to reveal another onset look, neon red hair along with the caption “Should I?”

Both looks turned out to be wigs, but fans largely agree that Hadid can pull off any and every hairstyle. No arguments here.