Every Celebrity Will Have This Hair Color For Summer, But Bella Hadid’s Doing It Now

Everyone is getting this shade.

Bella Hadid straight hair mirror selfie 2022

Bella Hadid’s always been ahead of the aesthetic curve, but this out-of-nowhere transformation might just take the cake. Rather than waiting a few weeks ‘til January, Hadid got a jump on that new-year-new-me concept by unveiling her radical new look early — and while totally unexpected, it’s undeniably stunning. Bella Hadid’s new blonde hair, just spotted on a night out and on her Instagram Story, is the opposite of that natural inclination to go for a darker, moodier hair color come wintertime — and that element is part of what makes her transformation so exciting. Just four days earlier, Hadid posted a well-curated photodump that featured a shot of her with her usual dimensional brunette color, but fans of the supermodel know she’s always up for a quick, dramatic change.

“Feeling a little better and a little blonder,” she captioned her Instagram Story video, which features a teddy bear filter and a laughing, green jacket-clad Hadid. Her usually-brunette waves are long and tousled, dyed a warm shade of honey — courtesy of celebrity colorist Jenna Perry — that illuminates the model’s entire face. Later that evening, she was spotted out and about, blonde layers flowing as she wove through the city streets alongside her rumored boyfriend, art director Marc Kalman.

The Daily Stardust / BACKGRID

And as it happens, Hadid’s new hair color isn’t just flattering — it’s extremely trendy too, according to both industry professionals and her fellow A-list celebrities. If 2022 was the year of copper hair, watch 2023 become the year of honey-toned blonde on everyone.


Though fans still await details of the fresh color (and even more high-definition photos), Hadid’s broad smile in her Story seems to say everything she’s feeling about her new look. The pros are surely loving it too — the blonde is, after all, one of the top shades predicted to dominate the upcoming year. IGK co-founder Chase Kusero, who works with other warm blonde stars like Florence Pugh and Sofia Richie, told TZR earlier this fall to expect more Hadid-like colors through 2023. “These buttery blonde tones are highlighted by darker bases, creating rich contrast and a warm, autumnal glow,” he said in November. “Because there are so many options, this look can work great for anyone.”

Hadid’s not the only celebrity to get ahead of the crave, though. Just weeks ago, Kim Kardashian traded in her nearly-white platinum for a low-lighted honey, while Aubrey Plaza transformed her deep brunette bob into a bright, warm, Old Hollywood-style blonde. With these A-list examples kickstarting the trend, expect it to be huge.