Bella Hadid Gave Kendall Jenner’s Go-To Preppy Shoe The Dadcore Treatment

They’re fall 2021’s uncontested It-footwear.

Gotham/GC Images
Bella Hadid is seen on October 12, 2021 in New York City.

As evidenced by celebrity street style for fall 2021, it’s evident that loafers are this season’s uncontested It-shoe. Refreshingly enough, the outfits in which the footwear pops up in run the gamut. Some stars pay homage to the style’s preppy origins by pairing them with structured blazers à la Princess Diana. Others (namely Kendall Jenner) employ the fashion set’s beloved “big pant, little shirt” formula when styling the classic shoe. And then there’s Bella Hadid, who wore her black Prada loafers in her own individualistic, cool-girl way that shirks fashion’s conventions.

As opposed to a more balanced outfit — like Jenner’s cropped knit vest and wide-leg trousers — Hadid opted for a double baggy combination while stepping out in New York City on Nov. 1. The model wore a pair of brushed leather loafers with a dramatically oversized Oxford shirt by Foo and Foo and a roomy pair of black Eytys trousers. Hadid’s loose-fitting top and bottom combination felt reminiscent of the outfits you might see dadcore style icons wear — like Adam Sandler or Larry David, for instance. Because of her inventive fashion choice, Hadid’s ensemble felt refreshingly unconventional as far as loafer outfits go.

However, Hadid did integrate a few feminized touches that grounded her look securely in it-Girl territory. She carried Chanel’s Caviar Quilted Medallion Tote and shielded her eyes from the sun with a pair of skinny, oval-shaped sunglasses. There was her jewelry, too, — colored gem rings by Short & Suite and a red and white Panconesi pearl necklace — which offered a few delicate and girly elements.

Robert Kamau/GC Images

If you’re intrigued by Hadid’s baggy-fit concept, but perhaps are interested in a more subtle play in proportions, look to Katie Holmes’ recent loafer outfit. In late spring, Holmes wore black loafers, wide-leg pants, and an oversized striped button-down. However, the actor’s blouse was nowhere near as oversized as Hadid’s massive top, making it a more neutral option that still emulates the roomy look.

Ahead, you’ll find a few black loafers — including Hadid’s exact Prada pair — to shop if you’ve yet to get your hands on fall 2021’s buzziest shoe. Of course, you can style yours with a striped Oxford shirt and wide-leg trousers like Hadid and Holmes. Or, you can lean into the loafers classic preppy aesthetic and don an academic-meets-sporty ensemble.

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