The Only Thing Better Than Ariana Grande’s Makeup Line Reveal Is Her Hair In The Campaign

The style is so easy to replicate, too.

Ariana Grande posing against wall with neckerchief

After months of speculation, teasers, tweets, and cryptic DeuxMoi submissions, it looks like Ariana Grande has finally shared the most revealing look at her upcoming r.e.m. beauty brand, set to debut this November. In true superstar fashion, though, it’s not enough to just make an announcement — no, the Ariana Grande makeup line is such a major deal, it deserves a full-on campaign with a methodical rollout. This first look came in the form of an Instagram post, featuring Grande posed on the floor holding a futuristic, cosmic raygun made to look like a giant version of her space-themed line’s new lipstick. However, as exciting as it is to see some of the makeup in action, it’s hard to tear your eyes away from Ariana Grande’s hair — the “POV” singer makes a rare departure from her signature ponytail, instead wearing her long, extension-enhanced hair down, curled, and fanned out around her shoulders.

Even in raygun form, the lipstick’s design looks truly brilliant. Not only does the clear, bubble-shaped cap fit the theme by looking a bit like an astronaut’s helmet, but it also means users can see exactly what the color is with ease. Who out there hasn’t had to dig through their makeup bag for several minutes, searching for a certain shade hidden by dozens of identical caps?

The photo is the best look at the r.e.m. beauty line seen so far. While other teaser pictures shared some details, like a rough sketch of a compact’s components and a stack of what appears to be shimmery eye shadows, this is the first time fans are seeing what an actual product (albeit a very large version of it) looks like.

As for Grande’s hair, it’s pure Old Hollywood. Featuring a center part and fluffy curls placed through the long ends, the style pairs well with her black silk evening gloves and diamond necklace for a significant infusion of vintage glamour. While the exact release date of r.e.m. beauty is still under wraps, November is just days away — and Grande could be planning just about anything between now and then.

In the meantime, get Grande’s curls with the help of some styling treatments, a medium-barreled curling iron, and plenty of shine spray. Start with a fluffy blowout (it’s made a lot easier with the help of a blowout balm), then concentrate curls from the chin down. Shop everything you need for her intergalactic-goes-Hollywood look just below.

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