Anne Hathaway’s Trippy ‘Alien Nails’ Are Out-Of-This-World Cool

The most extra-terrestrial.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images
Anne Hathaway at Stephen Colbert Show in Versace on March 15, 2022
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If the aliens ever demanded to be taken to our leader, who would be opposed to introducing them to Anne Hathaway instead? She’s stylish, sophisticated, and charismatic enough to charm any intergalactic visitors, and she’s already speaking their language with a mind-bending new manicure. Anne Hathaway’s “alien nails” manage to be refreshingly minimalist and completely double take-worthy all at the same time. Is it any wonder the manicure style is already poised to become one of spring’s biggest nail trends?

Hathaway’s “nailien” look couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With the years-long French manicure craze finally cresting (and glazed donut nails not far behind), this new nail style feels like a natural extension of both while being totally distinct. Created by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik, the alien manicure relies on light-catching, chromatic shades and clear nail tips to create tons of transparent negative space. While Hathaway opted for a soft pink at the Versace runway show, any metallic shade will offer the same effect. In fact, the potential for customization possibilities is much of what makes alien nails so recreation-friendly in the first place. That, and how trippy they are — the sort of manicure you could find yourself staring down at all day.


Because Hathaway’s real nails extend just past her fingertips, the clear extensions placed over them create a transparent French manicure, but a trippy, hyper-futuristic one. Bachik’s creative take on the iconic nail style is exactly what the trend needed to feel revitalized and refreshed for 2023. In the past few weeks alone, Bachik’s developed a few different versions of the French manicure, including silvery nano-tips on Michelle Williams at the Oscars.

To recreate Hathaway’s alien nails at home, you just need a few tools. Along with medium-length gel extensions in a stiletto shape (Bachik used Aprés Nail’s Gel-X tips), the manicure will look more extraterrestrial if you stick with a shimmery shade not too different from your natural skin tone. Below, shop everything you need to get a martian-approved mani at home.