Angelina Jolie’s Latest Tattoo Might Be Her Boldest — And Most Meaningful — Ink Yet

Take a look.

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Angelina Jolie arm tattoos

From her initial breakthrough into the entertainment industry, Angelina Jolie’s signature aesthetic has been about so much more than just edge. She might have experimented with cool, punk-inspired buzzcuts and draped herself in tattoos, but her choices are never random. Each piece is meticulous chosen for its special meaning, and she often explains exactly what they are to the press — there’s no misinterpreting her intentions. While she hasn’t sat down to go over the details of her newest ink, Jolie’s chest tattoo seems to be pretty unmistakable in its symbolism, especially considering its timing.

The tiny tattoo made its debut at the 2024 TONY Awards, which Jolie attended with her daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. The adorable pair quickly became two of the most talked-about guests of the night, in part thanks to Jolie’s flowing Saint Laurent gown, sunny blonde highlights, and the fluttering bird tattoo placed squarely on her sternum. Considering its bold, front-and-center placement, it’s definitely a new piece. What makes it especially interesting, however, is its color and why it could have been chosen. Surely Jolie, who’s gone out of her way to only opt for ink with person significance, would never position a tattoo so prominently without a reason.

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Traditionally, birds — and in this case, a swallow — are thought to represent freedom, transcendence, and new beginnings. Considering Jolie is embarking on a new chapter of her personal life, which has been so publicly documented, it’s hard not to take that symbolism literally. What’s also worth mentioning is the fact that the actor-director’s blue gown and matching shawl is arranged so that it covers up all of her famous tattoos except for the new bird, inked by artist Mark Mahoney, putting even more focus on the tiny yet powerful piece.

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There is one more key component to consider with Jolie’s new chest tattoo, though. While the rest of her body art is done in a traditional black ink, this bird is much lighter both in line work and color. This could be due to evolved technology (she got most of her previous pieces done in the ‘90s and 2000s), or it could suggest that the little bird is only a temporary addition.

No matter why or how it was selected — or how long it’s sticking around — leave it to Jolie to take the art of a red carpet accessory to the next level.