The Shag Cut Got A Modern Update For Winter & It’s Painfully Cute

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by Natasha Marsh

The chill, snow, and dry skin that comes with winter can be a drag, but a fresh haircut is an easy way to keep the season feeling exciting. Unsure of where to even begin finding a new ‘do? Don’t panic — each and every major winter haircut trend is swoon-worthy. And best of all, the most popular styles for this year are pleasantly low-maintenance, with lots of movement and can work with a range of hair textures. “Haircut trends this season will involve flattering length and layer distribution, adding playful face frames and fringes,” says RUSK Hair Global Creative Director Matt Swinney, who is seeing a lot of ‘70s and ‘90s influence lately.

And in case you were wondering, trendy shags, wolf cuts, and long layers of seasons past still have a ton of staying power this winter. According to Briana Dunning, hairstylist at Striiike Studio, “shags and wolf cuts allow the natural texture of the hair to come out — requiring less styling and giving people the sense of an effortless ‘lewk’.” Again, less maintenance for you means winter will hopefully feel more relaxing (even if you are buried under a few layers of knits).

Of course, the effects of the dry, cold air do mean that although your new cut doesn’t need much styling, you will need to examine your hair care routine to ensure you have plenty of moisturizing products on hand. “It’s important to keep hair moisturized during the winter, so refrain from using products with alcohol as they can be drying,” Swinney adds. Keeping your hair hydrated will allow your new chop (or trim) looking its best until spring.

Ahead, the nine coolest winter haircuts for every length and hair type, according to the industry’s top hairstylists.

Long Layers

Sometimes, haircuts don’t have to be a drastic ordeal. If you’re looking to keep the length but update your current cut, Swinney suggest getting longer subtle layers for added movement. “Long layers have carried over due to the general popularity of this style as it allows hair to move freely while also being low maintenance,” says Swinney. Plus, with long layers there is a ton of styling flexibility.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, a less intense version of a shag, is still trending this winter. According to Dunning, the cut requires bangs and longer side pieces around the face. “[The wolf cut] is very layered without the top layers being too short.”

Cropped Cut

According to Swinney, cropped cuts have plenty of texture, with angular fringe around the face and minor layering to remove weight. The best part, the cut can be worn with any hair texture. Think of it as a super feminine pixie, with just a little more length around the face.

Voluminous Layered Curls

Curls are having a major moment. To make them pop, experts recommend getting internal and external layers to prevent the hair from looking too bulky (read: dense). When styling, use a heat protectant if you are using hot tools and a conditioning product to retain moisture. And for texture, Hairstory’s Resident Stylist Wes Sharpton recommends Hair Balm to help with curl definition and frizz control.

French Bob

A French bob, shorter than the traditional chin-length bob, has been trending all 2021. Great on all textures, Rodger Azadganian, hair stylist and founder of äz Craft Luxury Haircare, has been seeing lots of French bobs with bangs that can be subtle, heavy, boxy, or asymmetric. “The French bob is meant to accentuate the collar bones, shoulders, and neckline,” he adds.

Choppy, Face-Framing Layers

Short, choppy, face-framing layers paired with free-flowing styling distributes the weight of the hair perfectly to create a chic just-fell-into-place look. And because the hair and scalp can get extra dry in the winter months, Sharpton recommends using New Wash as a mask and placing a shower cap on the hair. “The heat from the shower will open up the cuticles and help the conditioning ingredients go deeper to hydrate further,” the expert tells TZR, which will keep flyaways to a minimum.

Modern Shag

If you’re looking for texture and piece-y layers, the modern shag is for you. This cut can be done without bangs or with eyelash grazing or curtain bangs to double up on two big 2021 hair trends — you can’t go wrong either way. To maintain strength and moisture, Swinney recommends adding RUSK Puremix Wild Honey Repairing Mask to your shower routine.

'70s Layers

The popular fluffy hair trend seen all over TikTok isn’t going anywhere this winter. To get the ‘70s flip, ask your stylist for long layers and extra-long curtain bangs that can tuck behind your ears. And just like the fluffy hair trend, you can blow-dry this cut with a round brush for added retro volume.

Curly Shag

Shags are great for curls as they will enhance your texture (thank the multitude of layers for that) and are a great way to maintain length. Wella Professionals North American Ambassador Briana Cisneros recommends using a weekly clarifying shampoo or another clarifying product to keep your scalp healthy and your curls bouncy all winter long.