10 Chic Pixie Cuts To Inspire Your Summer Hair Makeover

Dare to go short.

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Getty/ Edward Berthelot
If you’re still dreaming about Jennifer Hudson’s 2016 close crop, you’re not alone — the Oscar-winner looked incredible with her shapely pixie.Getty/Jon Kopaloff
Complement your killer bone structure with a lightly highlighted pixie that still has a bit of your natural wave and texture. @Kelly_Mittendorf/Instagram
While some people might fear the grow out stage of a pixie, this pastel, quasi-bowel cut is such a gorgeous statement look — ideal for showing off this summer. Getty/ Onnie A Koski
To be fair, there are few haircuts Zoë Kravitz couldn’t pull off, but this perfectly messy, boyish pixie is a definite favorite.@zoeisabellakravitz/Instagram
Michelle Williams has rocked every type of pixie over the course of her career, but this longer, ultra-feminine style is nothing short of iconic. Getty/Steve Granitz
Don’t be afraid to borrow from the boys with a slight fade on the sides and a super cropped look that allows your features to shine.Getty/ Edward Berthelot
A minimalist makeup look, full brows, and glowing skin pairs beautifully with any pixie style, but especially a classic Mia Farrow-inspired cut.@LaurelPantin
If super short isn’t your speed, you can always keep the front and top of your pixie slightly longer for a more ingénue vibe.@Alyssainthecity
Obviously Ruby Rose knows her way around a pixie cut, but this style, with its subtle highlight and extra length on top is definite goals for summer. Getty/ Jon Kopaloff
Hey, if you’re already brave enough to go short, why not go full throttle with a platinum buzz cut? You only live once!@cora.kwayie/Instagram

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