The 43 Most Beloved Foundations, According To Celebs & Makeup Artists

They’re faves for a reason.

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These are the best foundations of all time.

You may say you don't believe in soulmates now, but that's only because you haven't found the right foundation yet. Someday, when the stars align, you'll stumble upon the perfect formula — one that magically eradicates your pores and makes you glow like never before — and you'll know it was an act of destiny after all. Don't think so? These 43 best foundations of all time are guaranteed to change your mind.

Some are deliciously dewy; others pleasantly mattifying. Some act as a shield against environmental woes; others turn their energy inward, pumping skin with healthy vitamins. Some are thick and opaque; others light as a feather. It's difficult to dip even a toe in with so many options, but don't let the bottomless foundation market scare you. There are a handful of standouts that everyone seems to know and love.

From iconic drugstore mainstays — the Maybellines, CoverGirls, and Revlons of the world — to the luxury formulas repeatedly endorsed by celebrities and their makeup artists, these are the 43 best foundations of all time.

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