Spring’s 5 Hottest Haircut Trends Prove That Layers Are Back In Style

The return of the mullet, anyone?

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Usually the term “scissor happy” alludes to the fact that your stylist snipped off a bit more hair than you asked for — a trim gone awry if you will. This year, however, after a 2020 marked by at-home cuts and grown-out strands, being scissor happy is exactly the goal. That’s why, the best spring 2021 haircut trends are a return to heavy layers, high-maintenance bangs, and drastic shapes.

But getting back into the swing of things — at least when it comes to hair — can be a bit difficult, which is why proper upkeep is of the utmost importance during this transition when more high-maintenance styles are becoming more relevant. Shelly Aguirre, stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, suggests adding a mousse like Kerastse’s Densifique Mousse for quick and easy styling. “Use about a golf ball size and evenly distribute throughout the hair,” she says. “Less can be more when you’re blowing it dry. Try a flat brush to start, then finish with a larger round brush so you don’t create too much curl.” Finally, she suggests finishing with a texturizing spray like Oribe’s Dry Texturing Spray to give the hair a disheveled and “sassy” look. “Use your hands to style and don’t be afraid to really get in there,” she says.

So ahead, check out some welcome high-maintenance hair cuts that you’ll be rushing to show your stylist.

Spring 2021 Haircut Trends: Modern Mullets

“This 80s look has made its way into 2021,” Aguirre says. “Unlike most things in 2020, I’m thrilled that this look is still making a name for itself. To achieve this super fun and casual look you need to have the right texture. Layers are a way for you to create movement. If your hair is on the thinner side, proceed with caution. The mullet requires lots of layers in the interior, but if hair is over layered, the perimeter can look too thin and see-through. A little wave can really take this look to a whole new level.” If you’ve thought about embracing your natural curls, this cut might be a fresh new way to approach a more textured look.

Spring 2021 Haircut Trends: Middle-Parted Layers

As we saw on the runways at the most recent Paris Fashion Week, middle parts are making a serious comeback (thank you, Gen Z). “Middle parts are always a super cute trend,” Aguirre says. “Most celebrities are sporting this look on and off the runway.” The styling is easy and versatile, as well. Wear it straight, curly, waved, you name it, and don’t be afraid to add a few layers to create some dimension. Your stylist can recommend the best length to work with your texture.

Spring 2021 Haircut Trends: Heavy Bangs

“A full bang can give your haircut a new and fun look,” Aguirre says. “To note, this should be done by a professional stylist. It may seem easy to achieve, but it’s not, and there’s nothing worse than having to make that appointment and tell your stylist ‘so I cut my own bangs.’ We can always tell. Hair texture, density, and natural growth patterns (just to name a few) play a huge part in how much of a bang you can support.”

Spring 2021 Haircut Trends: Shaggy Curtain Bangs

Remember in the early ‘00s when everyone wanted “side bangs?” Well they’ve returned. This time, a little longer, a whole lot more chic. These are much more low-maintenance than a full blunt bang, and will grow out quickly if you don’t care for the look. On the flip side, regular trims are going to be a must to keep the effect going.

Spring 2021 Haircut Trends: Geometric Textures

When it comes to curls, stacked, inverted layers create a larger-than life look that will grow out not down. Just like bangs, be sure to only allow a trained professional to execute the style, and be sure to ask for their recommendations for the best products to keep your curls defined, moisturized, and frizz-free.