Summer’s 6 Hottest Haircut Trends Are Also Super Low Maintenance

Manageable but still stylish.

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best summer haircuts

There are two times of the year that call for a fresh haircut: the beginning of winter and the beginning of summer, seasons when the weather has zero chill. It goes without explanation on which of these periods is swiftly approaching, but that means it's time to take in some inspiration for 2021’s summer haircut trends and make your salon appointments for your new chop ASAP.

This year, the looks everyone will be watching aren't anything out of the ordinary, but they're surely much chicer than summers before. Think chin-swept bobs with soft, blunt finishes, lightly layered and feathered ends, heavily layered cropped curls, and free-flowing lengths that fall below down the back. In other words, you don't have to overwhelm yourself this season trying a super high-maintenance cut that's too far out of your comfort zone. Keep it simple and elevated, and if you're one of those that likes the hair off of your shoulders during the warmer months, experiment with an easy-to-manage crop.

This summer is all about thinking smarter not harder, and TZR is here to help you keep it that way — at least when it comes to hair. Ahead, a roundup of the best and hottest cuts for the times as spotted on celebrities, in the most in-demand salons in the country, on television and beyond.

Summer Haircut Trends: Stacked Curls

Add even more volume to already bountiful curls with an ultra-layered cut that gives the hair a geometric finish. This style works best for 3c to 4c hair, but your stylist will be able to tell you what’s doable for your texture.

Summer Haircut Trends: Asymmetric Hang

The asymmetric bob is back. This time, however, it has a much more blunt finish with less drastic angling, which will make your grow-out super seamless and manageable. If you’re not willing to commit to a huge change but still want a noticeable refresh for summer, this is the cut for you.

Summer Haircut Trends: Chin-Length Crops

Nothing screams chic more than a chin-swept bob. The soft look perfectly shapes any face and looks incredible parted straight down the middle or tossed to the side. Don’t be afraid to show off this daring crop.

Summer Haircut Trends: Feathered Ends

Recently, there have been more and more cuts that have the perfect balance between blunt and fringed ends. This style works perfectly with any length and grows out seamlessly, no matter your texture. The feathered effect can also take some weight out of denser textures, so you’re left with a lighter, breezier style for those hot days.

Summer Haircut Trends: Bra-Length Layers

Don’t worry, long hair and layers aren’t over. The easy-maintenance style is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise length for a fresh ‘do. Some strategically placed layers will add some movement to your hair and give you serious mermaid status.

Summer Haircut Trends: Soft Bangs

There’s a misconception that all bangs require lots of tending to — but that’s not the case. Soft, brow-hanging bangs grow out in a way that won’t have you reaching for the shears. Not quite blunt, not quite curtain bangs, it’s the perfect middle ground for your hair.

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