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Taurus Season Manicures Are All About Luxe Nail Art & Pretty Colors

Chill vibes ahead.


As an earth sign ruled by Venus, those born in Taurus are drawn to the colors of the planet, opulence, beauty, and love. In terms of manicures, this means the designs and color options seemingly endless. Let these 10 Taurus season 2023 nail looks be your guide to luxe living and self-care.

Gilded French Tips

A simple and clean French manicure with metallic tips is an elegant approach to a beloved look – especially when paired with equally stunning gold rings.

Tranquil Florals

The hand-painted flowers and dragonflies on this manicure will give you a feeling of peacefulness and serenity every time you stare down at your nails.

Sunshine Yellow

Tauruses are no stranger to being the boldest and brightest in the room. Take a cue from the earth sign with this sunny yellow half-moon design, which swallows almost the entire nail with bold color.


This solid Bordeaux manicure feels regal yet earthy. Perfectly shaped shorter nails complete the subtle yet eye-catching look.

Beautiful Blossoms

This gradient of lavender and pink hues topped blossoms and glitter takes pretty floral nail art to a whole new level.

Zodiac Moodboard

‘Over the top’ doesn’t exist in any Taurus’ vocabulary. For the remainder of the season, why not go all out with intricate nail art fully devoted to the season of the bull.


A rich olive that borders a muddy brown says earthy in the best way.

Emerald Green

Rich and regal, this green manicure is a striking way to make a statement. Finished with a matte topcoat, the color is even more pronounced.


Reminiscent of the inside of geodes and gemstones, marbled manis are alluring – and a sure way to draw a crowd.

Pearls on Pearls

Honestly is there anything more enchanting and luxe than this pearl layered nail design?


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