How To Have Great Legs At Every Age

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We know it’s not just us who think the struggle for great legs is real, and as we get older, it doesn’t get any easier. Whether you’re aiming for more muscle definition in your 30s or covering up varicose veins in your 60s, we have the tips you need for the skirt season ahead and beyond.

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Get Leggy With It

In Your 20s

Lucky for you, your legs are in great shape. If anything, a tan can make you look more toned, even if you skip the gym every now and again. This BB cream for body not only gives you a glow, it also blurs imperfections like blemishes, bruises or spider veins.

In Your 30s

This is the time to get serious about squats. Your skin is resilient, but you'll begin to notice a bit more sagging and dimples than you did in your 20s.

In Your 40s

Cellulite is underlying fat deposits caused by lack of muscle tone and poor circulation. And while women of every age have it, in your 40s your workout results can start to plateau. By gliding your body over a foam roller, you increase circulation, reducing bumps and dimples.

In Your 50s

Aging is natural, but sometimes your body needs a boost. With an anti-wrinkle blend of oat sugars, lemon thyme and centella extracts, this cream helps firm, tone and promote youthful-looking legs.

In Your 60s And Beyond

If you've begun to develop age spots or varicose veins, you can hide imperfections with leg makeup. This aerosol bottle dispenses a full-coverage product that makes your legs look flawless and imparts a golden glow.