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This 5-Minute Hair Routine Is My Secret To Frizz-Free Curls

No heat required.

by Natasha Marsh
Natasha Marsh
frizz-free curls

Admittedly (and please don’t tell my hair stylist), I was a late bloomer to using a hair dryer in my hair routine if for no other reason than the lack of understanding of its benefits for curls. Since my big chop in 2018, I’ve incorporated the hot tool only a handful of times. Why? The heat damage and hair loss I experienced prior to my big chop was triggering enough to stay away from all things that used heat. But I’ve since found a curly hair routine for my natural curls that not only takes less than five minutes but also utilizes a new sustainable hair dryer, the Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer, which has changed my entire mentality towards hot tools.

Zuvi, developed earlier this year, uses the power of light to dry hair via their patented LightCare technology, which not only dries the hair faster but uses significantly less energy compared to a traditional hair dryer. The average hot tool uses hot air formed by internal coils, causing the air around your hair and head to heat up, which ultimately leads to lackluster shine, frizz, dry ends, and breakage over time.

I love the Zuvi dryer for its gentler approach (which also minimizes my environmental impact), and because it uses cool air to blow off the water from your hair — rather than baking it under heated air — so you’re not susceptible to damage. The brand wants you to think of it like this: when it rains overnight, it leaves puddles of water on the streets. But as the sun rises and the wind blows, the ground quickly dries. This is the most natural way to evaporate water, and the very technique Zuvi has taken in its hair dryer approach via its patented technology.

Natasha Marsh

This unique system uses infrared light (standard dryers use heated air) to heat only the outside of your strands, leaving the scalp and hair cuticles healthy and hydrated. Meaning, my 4A curls and coils don’t lose any of the necessary moisture they need to retain shape, definition, shine, and most importantly avoid frizz.

In just two months of using it, Zuvi has become the most transformative beauty tool in my natural hair routine. You barely have to think when you are using it as the labels for different speed and temperature settings makes customizing for your needs simple. Plus, it comes with three styling attachments: gentle air attachment to disperse air for sensitive scalps, styling concentrator to straighten and shape hair, and a diffuser to lock in curls and coils.

Natasha Marsh

But my favorite part is the drying time and the frizz-free results. Also, it takes me just four minutes to dry my hair (which is nearly unheard of for curly hair). No more burning or high-pitched noise near my ear for 30 to 40 minutes while waiting for my curls to dry. The Zuvi Halo is so silent, you can’t even hear it in the next room. Each time I use it, I leave the bathroom sweat-, burn-, and frizz-free.

And as a conscious consumer, I’ve been really drawn to the reduced energy use Zuvi provides. While traditional hair dryers use 1700 watts of energy, Zuvi only uses 690 — further proving that all hair dryers are not created equal.

If you’re looking for frizz-free curls sans heat damage, this hair dryer would be your best investment. Below are a few of my favorite styling components for my go-to curl routine for natural hair.

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