Experts Say This Is The Most Romantic Scent To Wear On Date Night

For Valentine’s Day & beyond.

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Best date night fragrances, Miss Dior eau de parfum
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There are few things as enticing and alluring as a good fragrance. Whether you’re getting dolled up for a date, looking to attract some attention on a night out, or if you’re just feeling yourself on a particular evening, a romantic perfume has a special way of intensifying the vibe to create the ultimate experience. But what really gives fragrance that sensual pull? In this vast world of scent combinations it can be hard to gauge which notes deliver that seductive aura — not to mention the fact that everyone has different ideas of what sultriness looks, smells, and feels like.

“At our core, we are primal animals that enjoy using heady aromas of exotic spices, flowers, and herbs to invigorate romantic encounters,” fragrance buyer and founder of Perfumarie Mindy Yang tells TZR. “Gourmand, spicy, or animalic (musky) fragrances are considered the aphrodisiac of our world. Essentially, these aromas help us lower our inhibitions, relax, or ‘excite’ by positively increasing blood flow and circulation.”

In addition to sweet, spicy, and musky notes, Givaudan Perfumer and Creator of Lancôme Idôle, Adriana Medina suggests a beautiful floral scent with some rich woody nuances and a touch of vanilla for the ultimate date night perfume. “Vanilla always is very appealing!” she says.

When choosing the perfect romantic fragrance Medina recommends selecting something that “compliments your personality.” “A fragrance that compliments who you are and what you want the other person to smell and experience with you is a fragrance that is memorable and every time they smell it, they think of you,” she tells TZR.


See below for the best swoon-worthy romantic perfumes for every type of date.

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A Cozy Date Night In

A Luxe Dinner Date

Day Time Date

A Casual Activity Date

The Marry Me Scent

A New Beau Date

The Fun Fling Rendezvous

The All Day Date

Swiss Arabian
Shaghaf Oud Perfume
If you haven’t stepped into the world of Arabic fragrances you’re seriously missing out. The Middle East is known for decadent spices like saffron, anise, and cinnamon. Oud (a strong fragrance oil) which is used in many fragrances around the world actually has Arabic origins as well, so it’s no surprise that perfumes coming out of this section of the globe smell opulent — Shaghaf Oud being no exception. This perfume contains praline, vanilla, rose and of course oud which makes this a very long lasting scent.

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