Selena Gomez Designed Rare Beauty’s First Mascara To Be Totally Universal

Talk about a magic wand.

Selena Gomez applying Rare Beauty mascara

As Selena Gomez worked on her Rare Beauty line ahead of its global debut, she had a few things in mind: First, she wanted to create a makeup collection that pushed back against rigid beauty standards and encouraged personal expression. Secondly, Gomez made sure she put her money where her well-glossed mouth is and dedicated a full percent of all revenue towards mental health initiatives. And finally, Gomez set out to make the products as effective and all-inclusive as possible — something the mogul has nailed on every subsequent release so far. Tonight, with Rare Beauty’s first-ever mascara launch, Gomez and the Rare Beauty team round out a collection of perfectly curated essentials featuring a little something for absolutely everybody.

While most brands have a coterie of mascaras marketed to cover every possible lash color and situation, the Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara is a one-size-fits-all approach to eyelashes that hits all the major categories (volume, length, color, and definition) with ease. In a video announcing the launch, Gomez chats with Rare Beauty’s Joyce Kim, head of product development, about just how long it took to calibrate the new mascara to suit a wide range of needs. Kim describes the chief goal of the mascara: an ability to work with any lash type to deliver a full, long, and fluttering end result regardless of the lashes the user started with.

Gomez herself points to the wand, slightly curved and covered in bristles of alternating heights to grab every lash, as the product’s secret weapon: “With one swipe, you’re already going to get that feeling you want,” she says, sharing that she’s wearing the mascara in the video, too. Like most — if not all — of Rare Beauty’s other products, the mascara is designed to be buildable for controlled application and customization. “I love how you can constantly layer it,” Gomez says, adding that the formula’s lift even picks up her own naturally downturned lashes and sends them skyward.

But even a flawless formula would be meaningless to Gomez without what she describes as the most important part of the Perfect Strokes mascara: comfort. “That’s always the number one thing for me,” Gomez says, and it’s clear that once again she’s nailed that.

That all-star wand is housed in a Rare Beauty’s signature matte pink packaging, and available at Sephora and Rare Beauty both full- and miniature-sized versions now.

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