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5 New Beauty Products I Added To My Beauty Routine This Month

Make room for the best new launches.

Rose Hermès Silky Blush Powder, Omega + Complex Cleansing Balm, Impossible Glow, and Rouge Coco Bloo...

Shelf Space is our series that highlights the five best new launches that our editors made coveted space for in their beauty routines. These monthly features will explore the must-have hair, skin, makeup, nail, and body products that are now a forever favorite. Find out which products made the cut this month below.

While I’d stop short of calling myself a hoarder, beauty editors certainly do toe the line with the amount of products they own. Quantity sometimes precedes over quality — there are a lot of hair, skin, makeup, and nail products to test after all. However, when a new launch catches my eye, I’ll happily make room for it in my beauty lineup (which considering I live in a tiny New York City apartment, is a coveted space). For April, these five new beauty products not only wowed me, but convinced me after just one use that they were worth adding to my daily routine.

This month was all about finding gentle skin care products that could coax my skin back to a glowy, hydrated state after the long, dry winter and gray, chilly spring — Paula’s Choice newest cleanser (an extra gentle balm) fit the bill perfectly. And since blush is my all-time favorite makeup product, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the new Hermès release (which is also refillable and has beyond gorgeous packaging). Hello radiant complexion, I’ve missed you! Not to mention I found what might be my new favorite sunscreen, just in time for summer. All that and more in my top five product picks that I’m making shelf space for this month. Check them out below.

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I am very much in the gentle cleanser camp — remember, your skin barrier and microbiome are delicate and don’t require a lot of harsh actives to be clean. That squeaky-clean feeling is *not* good. But now that I’ve started wearing makeup again in my day-to-day life, I needed something that could remove my mascara and blush without requiring that extra step of using a micellar water or remover (because I am capital “L” lazy). I trust Paula’s Choice products implicitly for their rigorous testing and thoughtful formulas, and this new cleanser honestly left my skin feeling more like a bouncy marshmallow than I ever thought possible for a face wash. It’s packed with omegas-3, -6, and -9 from jojoba oil to condition and nourish, while meadowfoam seed oil provides an extra dose of moisture. I make sure to give myself a rigorous face massage with this in the morning to counteract that sleep puffiness, and then follow with whatever serums my skin needs for the day. Ditto at night, because it’s so good, I actually want to use it twice a day.

While I will be the first to remind you that tanning is not good for your skin or your health, I will admit that I love the look of a healthy bronze glow. My Irish heritage had other plans, so I’m left to grapple with various self-tanning products and varying degrees of success — or streakiness. This new serum/makeup hybrid from clean beauty brand Pai is delightfully easy to use, and doesn’t leave that tell-tale fake tan cast on your palms when you accidentally forget to wash thoroughly after application. It’s also loaded with hyaluronic acid and glycerin — both humectants that pull water into your skin from the environment around you — to help keep your skin hydrated all day long. You can add a few drops to your moisturizer or SPF, but I’ve taken to applying two drops directly to my face while my sunscreen is still a little damp and working it across my face, into my hairline (because no one wants to see evidence of my faux tan), down my neck, and onto my ear lobes. It’s a subtle, bronzy glow that helps me feel like my most radiant sea siren self, rather than a New Yorker who just barely survived the winter darkness. It also works across skin tones and can be customized depending on how much you use. Easy!

I’m very happy to report that Sunday Riley’s first sunscreen did not disappoint. It’s a physical formula with zinc oxide, so it does leave a very slight white cast, but if you put some muscle into your application and really work it into the skin, it pretty much disappears. The formula also has the most luxurious texture that legitimately glides over your skin — an issue that makes most SPFs such a drag to use. There’s also added turmeric to protect you from blue light damage (which is emitted by everything from the sun to your laptop screen) and leaves you with a velvety finish that never budges under makeup. It’s a water-based formula, so if you do find yourself applying makeup that seems to pill over it, check your cosmetics to see what percentage of oil they contain — remember that oil and water do not play well together. But overall, this is definitely one of my new go-to sunscreens, and considering it’s the most potent anti-aging product you can use, I will be using it to the very last drop every single day.

Seriously, if you’re not on team blush, you’re missing out. I firmly believe it is the most powerful makeup product to help you look radiant, healthy, and just downright *pretty*, even when you feel like the underside of someone’s shoe. I’m typically more of a cream blush fan, but with mask-wearing still very much a part of our lives, I’ve embraced powder for it’s staying power. And Hermès simply nailed it with the semi-matte formula, which provides the most ethereal, flushed effect on your skin it almost pains me to use it — I want it to stay pristine in its refillable compact forever! There are eight shades in all, and while I haven’t tested each and every one, this 23 Rose Blush shade is a stunning apricot that pairs perfectly with my pale (but slightly warm undertones) skin. I use a medium fluffy brush to sweep the powder across the middle of my cheekbones and back towards my ears, curving it up around my temples to lift and sculpt my face. Then I use a small shadow brush to add a thin line across the bridge of my nose to fake a sun-kissed effect. Plus, each blush comes in a little orange Hermès box... c’est chic, no?

While I love a lipstick, I always find that a matte or traditional formula dries out my lips by midday — plus, I have a super pronounced Cupid’s bow, so a crisp line around my mouth looks a little too harsh and formal for my taste. A highly pigmented balmy lip product is much more my speed, and Chanel Beauty came through with this new collection of Rouge Coco Bloom. The mark of a good lippie for me is that I can apply it without a mirror, tap the edges of my lips to diffuse, and it looks effortlessly undone — this formula was made for that grab-and-go mindset. The Dream color is a few shades darker than my lips are naturally, which helps to brighten up my whole complexion, and the overall feel is super creamy and moisturizing. I have multiple colors at my desk and in my bag, just to make sure that when I finally pop off my mask around some friends at the park or restaurant, I can reapply in mere moments and look like the most sophisticated version of myself. A definite favorite to add to my makeup rotation.