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This Cult-Favorite Lipstick Is The Prettiest Color I’ve Tried — And It Looks Good On Everyone

It's so dreamy.

Rebecca Iloulian
Rebecca Iloulian's selfie wearing the cult-favorite lipstick that looks good on everyone

Finding the perfect lipstick color is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. It takes effort, trial and error, and dedication — but when you do find that one just-right hue, it makes it all worth it. Personally, I’ve always been somewhat of a lipstick aficionado, taking great pride in not only uncovering the best shades for myself but also for all of my friends and family. I’ve been wearing my trusty MAC Lustre lipstick in Capricious since I was 15, and while I swear by this lightweight, moisturizing cult-favorite lipstick pick (I could actually talk about it for days), I’m also always on the hunt for another gorgeous shade to add to my collection.

So while perusing the shelves at Sephora, I recently decided to finally splurge on a lipstick I’ve been hearing about near and far, from every editor, influencer, supermodel, and beyond: Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk. Despite the endless glowing reviews, I had always been skeptical for a few reasons. For starters, it’s touted as a “universally flattering” shade, which for obvious reasons seemed unrealistic. Then, there was the price. At $34, this color would have to be groundbreaking to justify purchasing as frequently as I go through my lipsticks. And finally, the matte finish, which for me has always been questionable in both comfort (I typically prefer hydrating products) and staying power.

When I got home I immediately darted to my mirror, carefully unwrapping the beautiful packaging, soaking up the adrenaline of trying on a new purchase for the first time. I swiped it on. And I was amazed. The color wasn’t too far off from my natural pigment, but somehow my lips felt completely different. Perfectly pouted in the most dreamy rosy shade, they looked incredibly full, and dare I say kissable?

The matte finish applied more like a gloss, gliding on silky and moisturizing rather than drying, and didn't slowly flake off throughout the day as so many lipsticks do. The shade could clearly double for both an everyday look and a more done-up, night-out look. I was immediately drinking the Kool-Aid.

Rebecca Iloulian

Even at first use, it was easy to see how this product hit cult status. It’s a gorgeous and easily wearable shade that simply enhances your natural lips, making them ultra luscious and juicy. It’s the shade you thought you would only ever dream about. Best yet, the Pillow Talk lipstick comes in three shade variations, ranging from light to dark and satisfying every skin tone. There’s Pillow Talk Original, a matte nude-pink; Pillow Talk Medium, a matte warm berry-pink; and Pillow Talk Intense, a deep berry-rose pink. I went with Pillow Talk Medium, as I have medium-olive toned skin, but could also see myself trying the other two shades if I wanted to go bolder or less natural. I’ve also dabbled with swiping on a clear gloss over the lipstick to give an extra luminous finish. However you choose to wear it, Pillow Talk is the perfect way to look (and feel) effortlessly put together.

While I won't be giving up my vast lipstick collection for this one shade alone, Pillow Talk has quickly become my new go-to and I am pleased to share that it has been worth every penny.

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