The Mob Wife Trend Is Expanding To Home Decor

Sharon Stone would certainly approve.

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Sharon Stone mob wife home decor
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Coming off of the coastal grandmother trend of 2022 and the quiet luxury craze of 2023, this year’s latest “core” is quite the departure. Yes, the mob wife aesthetic taking TikTok — and celebrity wardrobes — by storm is all about being seen, whether that be via flashy, statement jewelry, luxury fur outerwear, or loud and proud designer logos. And with the look dominating ensembles this winter, it’s only natural that the mob wife reach is extending to home decor.

“The moniker 'mob wife aesthetic' humorously embraces the taste for assumed maximalism that has signaled flashy opulence throughout the history of humankind, reaching its peak at the Sun King’s court in Versailles,” says Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, co-founder of furniture retailer Invisible Collection. “Imagine an accumulation of the most, the best, the rarest, the most unattainable, and the most expensive, all at once.”

Hannah Miller, founder and principal designer of Hannah Lacey Interiors, seconds this notion, noting that integrating extravagant, bold design elements that can create a lux and over the top feel,” is paramount for channeling your inner Carmela Soprano or Ginger McKenna. “Examples of mob wife aesthetic include furniture pieces covered in leather, velvet, and wool, rugs with animal prints, brass hardware and framed mirrors, crystal or glass light fixtures, or even adding borders, fringes, or tassels to pillows or window treatments."

If you’re ready to embrace the trend in a more unexpected way — or perhaps you’re not ready to apply it to your wardrobe just yet — try sprinkling some mob wife elements into your living space, and see how it fits. Get a head start by shopping our picks below.

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