Hailey Bieber’s Pearl Nail Trend Transcends The ‘Clean Girl’ Aesthetic

There’s a version for everyone.


Ever since Hailey Bieber first debuted her glossy, pearlescent “glazed donut” nails back in early spring, celebrities and stylish civilians alike are getting in on the manicure. But there’s more to the pearl nail trend than just recreation — ahead, ‘Hailey Bieber Nails’ inspo to suit every aesthetic.


The easiest way to dial up a chrome manicure is with an ultra-trendy length and shape. These pearl nails are a muted, milky ivory but the squared-off shape and long tips add so much fun and edge.@glossy.studios
Baby pink pearl nails are both approved by Hailey Bieber herself and a foolproof way to add color to the trend while ensuring it won’t clash with summery outfits. The rainbow holographic effect in the sun just makes the pink look all the more intense, too. @glamournailsny
Pastels like baby blue and soft sage green might be thought of as spring-favorite colors, but expect to see plenty this fall, too, as the pearl nail trend rages on. This dreamy blue manicure’s coffin shape is so elegant and finger-lengthening. @madis.manis
So you already have the perfect pearl-pink manicure — why not add some nail art, too? This Barbiecore-pink chrome mani looks extra sparkly thanks to the twinkling graphics painted on where the light hits.@nylove_nail
Part of the Hailey Bieber nail trend’s appeal is how well the chromatic effect elevates simple, muted colors. In this case, the shimmer takes this manicure from straightforward French ombré to daring and different.@livinlavidarocio
Take Hailey Bieber’s sparkling starting point and kick it up a notch with layers of even more reflective chrome, concentrated on the nail tips for a mirrored, gradient look. These flame outlines’ white color plays up the shine while adding a new dimension of playfulness.@getnailedkelowna
Purple pearl nails are so pretty and fairylike that they might as well come with their own magic wand. A little rarer than classic pink but not so bold that they command tons of attention, the delicate lilac is the ultimate happy medium color.@claw_queen
The fervor over Hailey Bieber’s chrome nails hit a fever pitch this summer when she showed off a sunny yellow version. The season-perfect shade is so bright, sparkly, and happy, it’s like wearing sunshine. @monalisanails_
Ahead of fall, adding chrome flakes to deep, moody colors like black, oxblood, navy, and goblet green can get any manicure party-ready in a hurry. Here, the effect makes these black nails look like shimmering obsidian. @nailwitchpr
This manicure combines two of Hailey Bieber’s favorite nail looks: a pearlescent finish and dainty floral nail art. The sparkly background makes the pastel florals look especially elegant and fairylike.@karen_deconailz

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