9 Dreamy Medium-Length Twist Styles For Natural Hair

The options are endless.


Box braids are a staple protective style for mid-length natural hair but can cause too much tension around the hairline. Twists offer the same safeguarding from over-styling and excessive heat while preserving and maintaining your edges. Ahead, are nine ways to wear twists with medium-length hair.

Beaded Updo

Whether you’re attending a special occasion or looking for a style that will last for a few days, this updo accented with side flat twists is a nice option. To really make the look pop add a few hair beads throughout the hair.

Half-up, Half-down

This classic half-up look doubles as a sleek protective style that keeps curls hydrated and moisturized. After washing, use a lightweight leave-in conditioner or curl pudding to set the twists, and be sure to keep them neatly covered at night to keep them fresh.

Slick & Sleek

A slicked-back bun is a simple protective style for medium-length hair that never gets old. But if you’re looking to update yours, try adding two twisted tendrils for a look that’s trendy and playful.

Straight Back Flat Twists

Flat twists are often reserved for updos but they are a refreshing alternative to cornrows because they allow less tension at the root of the hair.

French Chic

Think of this French roll with its flowing side-bang twists as the elegant auntie to Parisian It girl styles. Perfect for mid- to shoulder-length hair, this timeless style can also be accessorized with head scarves for a more casual look.

Let It Flow

Similar to box braid styles, two-strand twists are easy to manage and can be worn in a number of different ways. Keeping the hair at a medium-length also makes the style feel natural and effortless.

Ethereal Pin Back

Loose jumbo twists give this natural hairstyle a fairy-inspired look that is light and dreamy. Secure them both with pins in the back and fluff the remaining hair to get the full effect.

Clip It

Claw clips are still having a moment and are an easy — not to mention— stylish way to pull your twists back sans ponytail holder. For the ultimate ‘90s aesthetic, leave a few to dangle loosely out front.

Twisted Pony

Interested in shaking up a traditional style? Try feeding a single twist into a segmented ponytail and in a few strands of braiding hair to lengthen the look.


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