Meghan Markle Just Approved This All-Time Favorite ‘90s Hair Accessory

Fit for a queen.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

May Meghan Markle’s reign over casually chic hairstyles never end. Who else would supply such excellent summer mood board photos? Over the weekend, America’s favorite royal did her best polo WAG impression at a polo match featuring her famous husband dressed in a refreshingly down-to-earth denim-on-denim ensemble — the Canadian tuxedo, as some call it. The best part of her spectator look, though, was a relaxed beauty moment worthy of immediate recreation. Meghan Markle’s claw clip hairstyle pulled the front section of her extra-long waves back while allowing face-framing tendrils to blow free in the Santa Barbara breeze. The effect is an effortlessly elegant one — even pacing the grassy sidelines and mingling with other players’ friends and family, Markle’s easy glamour shines.

While much of the Duchess of Sussex’s face was hidden behind a pair of oversized sunglasses (a California classic if there ever was one), her neutral-toned pink nails, waist, skimming waves, and gleaming skin provided more than enough summer afternoon beauty inspiration. With Markle and Harry sightings few and far between these days (especially in a decidedly casual setting like a polo match), even this brief glimpse is a tiny but exciting window into the royal couple’s year so far.


Markle fans will immediately note just how long her hair is right now — from profile shots showing the tips of her deep brunette waves touching the waistband of her preppy denim shorts, it looks like this could be her most extreme length yet. Of course, even with several feet of it cascading down her back, Markle’s hair appears thick, fully, and undeniably lustrous under the seaside sun.

While Markle hasn’t personally shared any beauty favorites recently, she’s historically a fan of Kérastase’s Oleo-Relax line, Oribe texturizing sprays, and the Wella Professionals Reflections Luminous Oil for maximum shine, all of which could be at play here. Regardless of what Markle used for her polo match look, it’s clearly working — she was only a few thousand yards from the windy, humid coast and had not a single hair out of place.