Dakota Johnson's Sexual Wellness Brand Just Launched A Sexy Body Wash

The scent is unlike anything you’ve tried before.

Dakota Johnson Maude sexual wellness company

One of the most overlooked elements of true sexual wellness and liberation? The fact that it’s about more than just pleasure. True sexual empowerment encompasses all five senses, and can only be unlocked with efforts toward destigmatization and access to necessary tools. Of course, it helps if the tools are as lovingly crafted as those from Maude, the premiere intimacy brand powered by one of Hollywood’s biggest names. Maude products aren’t novel-colored bachelorette party fare but rather thoughtfully-designed celebrations of sexual exploration. With this latest staggered collection drop — centered on the brand’s latest fragrance, Maude Scent No. 3 — users can enjoy everything from a sensual massage candle to a PH-balancing body wash, all infused with the fresh scent of eucalyptus, creamy sandalwood, and vetiver.

Founded by innovator Éva Goicochea, with investments and co-creative direction by Dakota Johnson, Maude’s mission is simple: make intimacy, sexual wellness, and pleasure a not-at-all shameful, downright enjoyable experience for everyone — with an undeniably luxe spin, naturally. But Maude’s carefully-curated scents aren’t chosen just for how good they smell — like all Maude products, there’s an underlying thread chosen to tell a complete story and envelope the user in self-first decadence. Consider it the olfactory version of mood music, setting the tone for everything to come.


“As we approached our third scent,” Goicochea tells TZR, “we began to think about times of day, seasonality and how people connect to our scents.” She explains that the brand’s inaugural scent is designed to feel woodsy, like the forest at nightfall, while the second scent is light-filled, invigorating and inspired by the morning. “Scent No. 3 carries you from afternoon to evening — still intimate and sultry, but with bright notes that evoke a golden dusk.”

The Scent No. 3 collection is undeniably sexy, yes, but it’s as much self-care as anything else. And really, that might be the sexiest ethos of all. The massage candle is perfect way to — quite literally — heat things up, with an impressive scent throw and skin-softening jojoba oil infused in the formula. Use it as a mood-setter or blow the flame out to pour the skin-safe wax on a partner (or yourself). To take things to the next level, move over to the bathtub to enjoy the hand-gathered sea salts in Maude’s newest body scrub, which carries that sensual, bracing eucalyptus scent. Ideal as a partner-led exfoliation session, it’s at once ultra-functional (skin is left so soft and smooth) and deeply intimate. Finally, vagina owners rejoice — the PH-balanced body wash is genital-friendly, featuring an irritation-free Scent No. 3 that works even with sensitive skin. Use the vitamin E-infused wash for an all-over clean feeling, or combine it with the running water for a lathery bubble bath.

Even among Maude’s wider range of more overtly sexual products like vibrators, toys, condoms, and more, these go-your-own-way launches feel so intimate and downright sensual. The secret, Goicochea shares, is in that all-important new fragrance. “As we expand scents, we return to the fact that so much of how people approach intimacy is a combination of mood and mindset — which is why the scents carry from our massage candles through our body washes and bath soaks,” she says. “With fragrance so tied to memory and confidence, we believe it injects intimacy into a person's daily life.”

Setting the mood has never felt — or smelled — so luxe.