9 Cool-Girl Ways To Wear Marley Twists

Perfect for vacays.

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Bold, alluring, and totally in your face, Marley twists are the two-strand protective style that celebrates natural texture. Much like braids, they're an ideal and very chic way to relieve your hair from daily heat styling. Ahead, the nine best Marley twist hairstyles to try right now.

Burgundy Ombré

Often mistaken for locs, Marley twists simply mimic the look by wrapping extensions around the natural hair. Not only does it allow for an easy installation, but it makes adding color a breeze.

Waist Skimming

Whether its knotless braids or mini twists, waist-length protective styles will always be a show-stopper. Furthermore, their versatility makes them a great option for beach vacations.

Jumbo Marley Twists

Large Marley twists created with yarn-like braiding hair highlight texture in an elegant way. Plus, the featherweight feel makes updos easy to do with little threat of tension damage.

Colorful Yarn Accents

Looking for a quick way to update your style? Try wrapping colorful strands of yarn throughout the twists for a fun change up.

Two-toned Topknot

Despite their width, large twists are easy to pull into a chic topknot bun. To keep the style sleek, smooth down the baby hairs around the face and spritz with a bit of hair spray for extra hold.

Half-up Half-down

Shorter jumbo-sized twists lend themselves well to half-up and half-down styles and create the illusion of fullness. For a completely ‘90s look, opt for a copper-colored hair that reads Janet Jackson during her Velvet Rope era.

Boho Marley Twists

The trendy boho style that’s created by leaving a few curls loose from each braid is just as appealing with Marley twists.


The curly texture of these mid-length twists is perfect for those with natural waves and loosely coiled hair.

Long & Luxe

These long jumbo twists feel refined and sophisticated. To maintain their luxe look, be sure to moisturize often and protect them from humidity.


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