Cut Creases Are Making A Comeback In The Dreamiest Way

The glittery look is taking over the globe one TikTok at a time.

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Oh, cut creases. In 2016, the dramatic dual-toned eyeshadow look that emphasized the creases of the lids dominated makeup trends. Fast forward to 2022, and makeup overall has become much more minimalist with ethereal, barely there formulas. Surprisingly, cut creases have adapted to the times.

Beauty creators on TikTok have been showing off fresh, dewy looks with a fine arc of glitter eyeliner along their creases. The trend doesn’t have an official name just yet, so let’s call it glitter cut creases for now. One thing is for certain, though: This modern take on cut creases “gives you a soft but impactful look, adding dimension and light to your eyes,” explains New York City-based makeup artist Meghan Nguy.

Although the cut crease originated in the U.S., this 2022 revival has roots on the other side of the globe. Creators on China’s social media platforms, Douyin (similar to TikTok) and Xiaohongshu (an amalgamation of Pinterest, Instagram, and Amazon), started adapting the infamous makeup look to better suit Asian eyes, Jess aka @wholesalesoymilk tells TZR. Unfamiliar with Jess? Her TikTok videos showing off recreations of the latest looks taking over Douyin consistently rack up major numbers.

Jellybean_xxdd’s glittery cut crease look that started it all.


One glitter cut crease look in particular done by @jellybean_xxdd started going viral internationally. You may have spotted her photo, above, on TikTok, Instagram, or even Pinterest.

Want to test this look out for yourself but unsure where to start? Below is an easy, straightforward guide from the products to use to where exactly to draw on this glittery line to channel your most ethereal, fairy-like self.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

The Best Makeup Products For Glitter Cut Creases

The key to really nailing your glitter cut crease moment is the newest liquid glitter eyeliners from Korean and Chinese beauty brands. They paint on like any other liquid liner but go on sheer with a subtle glittery pearlescence. Colorgram’s new Milk Bling Glitter Liner has become the most popular one in Korea — so much so that it keeps selling out.

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Unfortunately, the ones from Chinese brands, like Uhue and Flortte, aren’t easily accessible stateside either. I have a strong feeling we’re about to see dozens hit the market in months to come — especially from Western brands. For now, you can try out these glitter eyeliners that are popular picks and readily available.

The Best Placement For Glitter Cut Creases

The trend is even inspiring makeup artists for K-pop groups, like Le Sserafim and NewJeans (peep Haerin above). Getty Images

The best part of this cut crease redux is you don’t need to know how to expertly blend eye shadow. You just need to put glitter in the right place on your lids.

To find the perfect placement, follow the hollows of your eye sockets, Nguy says. “If you have a more prominent brow bone where your crease is already visible, I would follow that natural shape,” she adds. “But if you have monolids, you can use your brush to feel for this area between your eyes and the socket.”

The Best Pairings For Glitter Cut Creases

Although glitter cut creases can be a gorgeous finishing touch on just about any look, Nguy loves pairing them with a natural-looking flush. “I’m also into gloss these days, so adding a soft pink or nude gloss will complement the sparkles,” she says.

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Jess recommends swiping on a matte lip product instead if you want all the attention to be on your eyes. A soft mauve, an equally on-trend lip color for fall, or even a brick red would be stunning.


You can also take cues from another popular @jellybean_xxdd look and incorporate your glitter cut creases into a bolder look with yellow-toned smoky eyes, sunburnt blush, and matte coral lips.


With the holiday season upon us, glittery cut creases are about to be a major makeup trend among everyone who loves glitter or wants to add a festive touch to their no-makeup makeup vibes in just a few easy steps.

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