These Hair And Makeup Trends Will Be Huge In 2017 According To Pinterest

As the year comes to a close, many are left to wonder which trends will be worth following come January 1. Pinterest just released their annual report of trends in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more they predict to be huge hits in the coming year—and looking at their history, they’re consistently right on the money. In terms of beauty, there will be new hair, makeup, and nail looks sweeping the scene in 2017 and we’re giving you the full breakdown. See what’s about to have a major moment in the new year.


Lip & Cheek Stain

Multitasking beauty products are efficient for busy girls on the go. Nearly two million Pinterest users saved lip and cheek stains to their boards.


Head Scarves

Hair accessories just keep getting better and better, especially head scarves. Already a huge hit among It girls at music festivals and influencers across the web, and Pinterest users agree they're perfect to mask any signs of a bad hair day.


Chrome Nails

In 2016 coffin nails were all the rage among beauty junkies, thanks to their stiletto-like shape and square tips. In 2017 a new, much shinier look is taking over. Prepare to see chrome lacquer on all of your friends and across social media feeds.


Braided Topknots

Everyone loves a good topknot, but next year the hairstyle will be getting a new spin. Braided topknots can be worn half or entirely up, and celebrities are already picking up on it.


Ash Blonde Balayage

Rose gold and pastel tones were a hit this year for color aficionados, but ash blonde will be a huge hit in 2017. Saves for the edgy hair color skyrocketed by 240% among Pinterest users.



Eyebrow products were on 2016's Pinterest 100 list as a huge beauty trend. However, next year microblading, aka semi-permanently tattooing your eyebrows, will be a common practice in the grooming world.


Cut Crease Makeup

Bold beauty looks are rolling well into 2017, especially in the eye shadow department. Cut crease eye makeup is already common in the beauty vlogger world, but others will follow suit next year.


No-Heat Hairstyles

Flat irons, curling wands and blow dryers will apparently be taking a break next year. Heat-free styles are poised to be the popular route in 2017.