Bold Brows Are The Unexpected Star Of MFW’s Beauty Looks

From pencil thin to pastel pink.

WWD/Getty Images
pencil thin brows milan fashion week

With so many products and grooming techniques out there, maintaining your eyebrows is just as complex as your hair care routine. Despite the growth serums, tints, pencils, gels, waxes, tweezers, and spoolies that are used in these now-extensive regimens, brows are often supporting cast members of makeup trends and aesthetics. However, the tide is turning as social media stars and most recently, designers at Milan Fashion Week, are demonstrating that unique brows can be the look.

A handful of designers were experimental with both brow shapes and shades for the Fall/Winter 2024 season. While more and more models have made skinny brows their calling card (think Gabriette and Amelia Gray), the polarizing ‘90s style was the core of Marni’s makeup look. Other designers like Diesel and Del Core played with color, opting to dye models’ brows on-trend shades like red and pink.

Undoubtably these eyebrow variations are bold and beauty statements all on their own, but the beauty of them is that you can customize them to suit your individual style, face, shape, and hair color. Need an example? Instead of plucking your entire brow, opt for a higher arch to tone down thickness.

See the most creative brow looks from the MFW F/W ‘24 runways, then try them – if you dare.

Bright Red Brows

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

From rich burgundy to cowboy copper, the whole spectrum of red hair colors have had their 15 minutes of fame over the past year. If you’ve been debating taking the plunge after seeing various shades pop up on your social feeds, but feel nervous about fully committing to a big change, Diesel is presenting an alternative solution. One of the models at the designer’s Fall/Winter 2024 show sported vibrant and full cherry-colored brows. The move is bold yet subtle, and arguably Instagram cat nip.

Pencil Thin Brows

Marco M. Mantovani/Getty Images

Perhaps the most polarizing brow look of our time, ‘90s pencil thin brows continue to make their way back into the modern day beauty lexicon. At Marni, the delicate shape featured high, rounded arches, and really took center stage thanks to the choppy micro-bangs mores worn by the models.

Gray Brows

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

The soft gray eyebrows at Del Core are another example of the fashion world rewriting the ageist narrative surrounding the hair color. Slowly but surely, salt-and-pepper and white shades are becoming aspirational.

Pastel Pink Brows

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Trendy bleached brows are the perfect canvas for trying whimsical, vibrant colors. Case in point: the pastel pink arches seen on a handful of models on Del Core’s F/W ‘24 runway.