Red Hair Is Ruling London’s Street Style Scene & Every Shade Is Unique

Read: extremely cool.

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Red hair beauty street style London Fashion Week fall winter 2024

Everyone has conflicting opinions over which city’s show run is superior, but when it comes to street style stars, London might have the whole world beat. Legions of creative fashion fans, regardless of whether they’re actually attending any presentations or just reveling in the see-and-be-seen fun, flock to the streets every season to show off their best outfits and beauty looks. One craze, though, seems to lend itself to self-expression better than the others. The red hair beauty street style trend at London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024 is the furthest thing from a one-size-fits-all scenario imaginable, making it easier (and more fun) that ever to take the plunge and go for the big dye job.

Rather than shades that simulate the look of natural ginger hair, London’s top street style stars are all about incorporating red in chic, unexpected ways. It can be a literal pop of color, painted into spots all around the head, it can be a kicked-up version of a shade found in nature, or it can be a fun surprise when layered with rich brunettes and bright blondes — the only rule, it seems, is to make it look as you as possible.

Below, TZR explores one of LFW’s biggest beauty trends of the season: cool, creative takes on ever-alluring red hair.


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Not ready for a full head of red? Take a cue from the reemerged indie sleaze beauty trend and try an undercolor. This guest’s sharp, chic bob melts into faded neon ends for the coolest gradient effect outside the Edward Crutchley show.

Soft Ginger

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When you think about eye-grabbing reds, it’s easy to immediately land on a bold, electric shade. But soft ginger is the perfect blend of sweet and spice, almost like a bronzed red — and it’s stunning.

Neon Citrus

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Of course, there are few things more fun than really going all-in on a fun, shocking color. These blood orange curls have their beautiful texture highlighted by the near-neon dye.

Crimson Circles

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It’s a literal pop of color — several of them, actually — on this LFW guest. The crimson circles are ringed with a darker shade of maroon for a leopard-spotted look that’s too cool to ignore.

Amplified Amber

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When in doubt, just turn your color up. At the David Koma show, Bimini Bon Boulash was spotted with a bold, enriched take on amber that’s only further amplified by the matching lipstick and scarlet specs.