Put Your Hot Tools Down & Try These 6 Easy No-Heat Hairstyles

Keep it cool.

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Even the thought of using a hot tool on your hair when it’s already 90 degrees outside is probably enough for you to start dripping sweat. As it turns out, no matter what hair length you have, experts assure that there are plenty of looks that don’t require you to plug in your go-to styling device. Read: This is your cue to tuck away all your tools and learn how to master easy, no-heat hairstyles for cute summer hair. Luckily, all skill sets will be able to achieve these simple looks — all it takes is a few expert tips.

In addition to avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of overheating, opting out of using hot tools is also beneficial when it comes to the health of your hair — especially if you have colored hair as it’ll open the cuticle of your hair shaft, causing the shade to lift and fade faster. With that being said, it’s time to stock up on styling products like anti-frizz creams, hairsprays, oils, as well as accessories like bobby pins and ponytails in order to maximize your styling potential.

Whether you have super short hair, medium, or Repunzel-length, there’s an easy, no-heat hairstyle for you to try according to the experts. Follow their step-by-step approach below to achieve these six chic summer looks.

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No-Heat Hairstyles For Short Hair

Slicked And Tucked

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“Blot well with a towel after coming out of the shower, where you have just prepped your hair with [a cleansing cream like] Julien Farel Hydrate Restore,” Jackson Simmonds, Advanced Stylist & Brand Ambassador at Julien Farel Group, recommends for this chic and simple look. In fact, he says this gentle formula hydrates hair so much that you *almost* don’t need any product. “In this case, however, I’m adding a small dollop of R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel, and using a wide-tooth comb, slick hair back and into place, tucking behind the ears (perhaps securing with a small clip or barrette) while allowing hair to air dry,” he explains. An optional step, according to Simmonds, is to use a comb and create a strong side part for a more elegant vibe.

Extra Texture

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“For short, no-heat hairstyles, I love adding texture to a short cut with a sponge brush,” hairstylist Malaika Frazier tells TZR. “This brush is usually seen in barbershops, but works great on a short textured natural cut.” For coarse texture, the expert will apply Nairobi’s Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion. And for those with medium to thinner damp hair, she goes with Miss Jessie’s Curl Pillow Soft Curls. “Use the sponge in a circular motion all over the head for about five minutes and you have a style,” she explains.

No-Heat Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Overnight Braids

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If you’re looking for a loose curl or wave, hairstylist Alyssia Dotson suggests allowing hair to dry in braids. “Dutch braids are great for a festival vibe and when [used to create] a gorgeous beach wave for your alternate look,” she explains. After you’ve shampooed and conditioned, the hairstylist says to towel dry your hair and apply MHMC Shine On Defining Foam followed by Caviar Anti-aging Smoothing Anti Frizz Blowout Butte. “Section hair in two and begin Dutch braiding the entire section all the way to the ends,” she explains. “Repeat on [the] other side. Once completed, you can tuck the ends to give it a more glamorous look while it air drys.”

Finger Coil Sets

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Frazier loves finger coil sets for a no-heat, medium-length hairstyle. “I’d use Rizo’s Curl Defining Cream for fine, medium hair and Camille Rose Curl Maker for thicker, coarse hair,” the hairstylist explains. For the next step, she says to part and then twist the hair into small sections around your finger and let it air dry. “Pluck [it] out when dry and spray with shine spray,” she adds. For this, Frazier leans to Color Wow Mystical Shine Spray.

No-Heat Hairstyles For Long Hair

Sleek & Straight

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For long strands, Dotson’s go-to look requires first going in with an anti-frizz product (for instance, Living Proof’s No Frizz Vanishing Oil) on damp hair. Next, she says, “starting with a comb or Denman brush, smooth both sides towards to the back of the head, then secure with a large bobby pin.” After, the hairstylist says to split the remaining hair in half and wrap one side around to the opposite side, making sure to keep the ends smooth. Then, repeat this on the other side of the head. “Once the hair is dry, take bobby pins down and brush out.” Lastly, finish off by applying a gloss, such as Kristin Ess’ Signature Hair Gloss, to give hair a shiny appearance.

Classic Ponytail

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Simmonds suggests a ponytail for those with long hair, especially during the dog days of summer. “Make a high-and-tight ponytail , and wrap the base with a second elastic about a half-inch out from the first (away from the head),” he explains. “This allows the pony to stand at attention. Then, simply wrap the base with a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and bobby pin into place.” Complete the look by setting it with hairspray and you’re good to go.