The Frizzy Hair Products For Curly Hair That Always Work For Me


If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, “I would die to have your curly hair,” I could upgrade my tiny New York City apartment to a big Park Avenue brownstone. I've had curly hair for my entire life, and for some reason, some people equate curls with hair styling ease — a built-in look, if you will. I'll admit, I like the versatile options that I have when it comes to styling my hair straight. But along with the benefits, comes the frizz, which makes it challenging to style my hair exactly as planned — at least, without a fail-proof lineup of frizzy hair products for curly hair that can fight any flyaway, even as the weather gets more humid.

Learning how to smooth my curls is an ongoing journey of testing products and developing a hair routine. Even though the trial and error doesn't always ensure a good hair day, I've found that maintaining frizz starts from the time you cleanse your hair. Products with argan oil, shea butter, and other natural ingredients happen to work best for me... and shampoos with "good" oils helps my hair remain at its healthiest. A good smoothing conditioner literally seals the deal, keeping post-wash fuzziness under control.

Taylor Lane

After finding the best ingredients for my hair, I focused on styling products. I needed to find a knockout combination when I wanted to leave my hair curly, and for when I had a blowout. Mixing products became my solution a good leave-in helps detangle my wet hair and adds shine, while a nice finishing balm or a serum keeps things smooth.

My takeaway is that you have to play with products and be prepared for when your hair changes and needs a new routine. Don't let frizz intimidate you. Instead, you have to work with it, rather than against it. Ahead, check out the products that helped me confront it once and for all.

The argan oil in this shampoo calms my curls and provides such a great fragrance — no hair perfume necessary.

I love this conditioner because it has great slip, which helps me detangle knots with ease.

This product is great to use on either wet or dry hair. I use it on mostly dry hair when I'm looking for a sleeker style. The texture isn't too thick and doesn't leave the hair greasy.

My top concern when wearing my hair curly is that it will "puff up" once the air hits. To prevent that, I grab some of this foam and apply it to damp hair.

Whether I'm styling my hair straight or leaving it curly, I always apply this leave-in conditioner to my damp hair. Since I began using this, I notice that my hair feels silkier and doesn't look as dry. Ever. Plus, the scent is beautiful and stays with you all day long.

If you have frizz-prone hair like me, this blow dry lotion is essential. It provides 96 hours of smooth shine, and protects against styling heat up to 450 degrees.

This balm is great to control fuzziness in heat-styled looks. And the French sea lavender in the formula smoothes the hair easily.

I use this hair mask once a week and it makes my hair so incredibly soft and hydrated thanks to sea buckthorn berry.

This spray contains avocado oil that helps to soften and reduce my frizz.

These sheets are a miracle in a box. I use one of these if I'm running to a meeting or out and I have frizz and static. It calms my hair and it's such a quick fix. And the box is really chic, too.