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My Trick For A Luxe DIY Pedicure Is This Easy-To-Use Tool — And It's Under $20

Treat your feet.

Amanda Ross
Amanda Ross

I would declare sandal season officially underway were it not for the fact that I basically wear sandals year-round anyway — albeit with socks, but still. After a brutal winter (and decidedly temperamental spring), it’s just about safe to tuck the boots away in storage for the foreseeable future, which means toes are on display almost all the time. Even if you’re not posting feet pics on the main, everyone of all genders should embrace the power of a petal-soft DIY pedicure. It’s partially about the look, yes — cared-for, exfoliated, moisturized, well-maintained feet and toes are as important as any other body part. But the best part of a pedicure is how it feels. The gentle tickle of carpet or clean sheets on freshly-sloughed feet is truly second to none.

While the salon is always great for a spa pedicure, sometimes you just don’t feel like forking over 45 minutes and $50 to have your feet caressed by a stranger — which is why everyone who wants to bear their toes needs to get their own version of the DIY pedicure down pat just in time for summer. And as it happens, I’m something of an at-home hand and foot care expert myself.

Personally, I never do pedicures at the salon. I’m there every few weeks for a manicure, but the toes are just something I’ve strictly done at home since middle school — blame it on my ticklishness or impulse to punctuate every service request with “Sorry!” Over the years, I’ve tried and tested what feels like every DIY pedicure product under the sun and learned more than a few shortcuts along the way. Below, browse my time-tested guide to the best at-home pedicure starter pack.

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