These Tropics-Inspired Nail Designs Are The Next Best Thing To A Vacation

All that’s missing is a piña colada.


How does summer always come and go so fast? Every year, when August 1 hits, it’s likely that so does the realization that you’ve hardly done anything on your summer bucket list. Beach trips have been few and far between, books have gone unread, and that garden you swore you’d get to this year is still just a sad mound of dirt. Thanks to summer-inspired beauty trends, however, you can still soak up what’s left of the season (and feel cute as heck while doing it). Nail designs, in particular, are the perfect way to embrace your summer mood — and the tropical nail art trend has arrived just in time.

Flowers and foliage are nothing new when it comes to nail art, but the tropical nail designs emerging as of late are putting a fresh spin on the style. This summer, a slew of nail artists have taken inspiration from a nail look shared by Na Ho (aka @nails_and_soul) in October 2020, a simple-yet-chic tropical manicure using palm leaf designs and her signature swirls. Perhaps the most unique feature of the mani is a bird of paradise flower painted on the client’s middle finger, which seems to have sparked the recent tropical nail craze.

The bird of paradise plant is native to South Africa and named for the brightly colored, bird-like flower that grows from it. It may not be the easiest plant to grow and care for, but it certainly makes for incredible inspiration for summer nail art.

Now, tropical nail art is popping up left and right, much of it including a colorful bird of paradise as well as actual birds (like tucans), green leaf designs, and plenty of bright colors. Some are more abstract while others are more realistic, but they all evoke the late-summer vibes everyone strives for this time of year.

Here, TZR rounded up some of the best nail inspiration on IG to take to your next salon appointment — or, if you’re feeling brave, try them out for yourself at home.

Tropical Nail Art Trend Inspiration