These Dip Nail Powder Ideas Will Inspire You To Book Your Next Manicure

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Dip Powder Nail Design: Glitter Nails

There’s a reason the dip powder nails trend is still booming: They last for weeks, they don't require exposure to UV light, and the finish is nice and matte (unless you add a glossy top coat). Even better: You don't have to be restricted to just one color. Unlike gel manicures, “with dip nails, you’re essentially getting a basic manicure in the sense that you pick the color, and a base coat is applied,” celebrity nail artist Erica Marton tells TZR. Your nails get dipped in a powder made from silica, which has a dust-like texture. Then the artist will seal your nails with a topcoat. Once the powder dries, you’re free to top your base with designs and embellishments like usual, Marton explains.

It might seem like it'd be difficult to add designs to a powder-based manicure, but luckily, it’s no different than any other nail art process. It actually saves a few minutes compared to gel manicures. “I use acrylic paint, brushes, and dotting tools,” nail artist Meagan Braiman says. “I sometimes use polish and stamping plates, too.”

Ahead, see the simple, cute dip powder nail ideas that you'll want to show your nail artist at your next appointment.

Dip Powder Nail Design: Glitter Nails

Glitter nails are always a hit, and they definitely do not have to be reserved for an accent nail. Braiman notes that you can create a glitter nail design by dipping your fingertips in a personal container of glitter while the polish is still wet. Or, have your nail artist brush some sparkle on once your layer of powder dip has dried, sealing with a topcoat.

Dip Powder Nail Design: Encasing

As Blake Lively’s nail artist, Elle, previously told TZR, encasing objects into nails is “the biggest trend right now.” You can encase anything into a dip powder nail design. “We’re talking about particles, we’re talking about pressed flowers, mylar, silicon, things like that — that are putting creation into the nail,” Elle said. Here, Olvera used dehydrated flowers with NA08, Natural Pink, Base & Finish Powder, and dip liquids from DipWell. “I love the timeless look of encapsulating flowers into a nail to add that extra pop to a mani; in this case giving it a milk bath look,” she tells TZR.

Dip Powder Nail Design: Abstract Florals

"For this look, I used acrylic paint in white, red, and black. I like to use Wistonia brushes when it comes to creating nail art," Braiman says. "I then took the black paint and drew thin lines to look like branches on all the nails. Then I used pink acrylic paint and created C shapes to make the flower petals," she says. Braiman notes that she completed the same steps on each nail. And to finish, she added white a little off-center so the pink color was still visible. "I then take a dotting tool and add the small black dots in the middle of the flowers,” she says.

Dip Powder Nail Design: Deep Ombré


Braiman says powder does all the work for a look like the above. "I like to dip the nail in the lighter color first, brush off the excess powder, then I reapply the base liquid and tap the darker color at the tips or base with a fluffy eyeshadow brush," she explains. To finish the nails, "I take the lighter color and put that over the rest of the nail,” Braimain says. “I brush off the excess again and apply base liquid again it creates a gentle gradient with the desired colors."

Dip Powder Nail Design: Gold Flakes

Have your tech mix a gold-based powder and sprinkle it wherever you desire — or just in one place, like with this simple and chic accent nail. “Essentially, dippers don’t have to do anything outside of the normal dipping routine,” explains Maria Leal, social media coordinator for DipWell. “Simply apply Step 2 Base to the nail and gently dip into the powder at a 45-degree angle,” she adds.

Dip Powder Nail Design: Jelly Nails

The jelly nail trend is not going anywhere anytime soon, much like dip powder nails. The best part of both? You can combine the two techniques and create a perfect, long-lasting jelly nail look using dip powder. “DipWell's Jelly Collection brings all the nostalgia from the gel pen and jelly sandal days. They're fun to get creative with and to enjoy a super sheer look,” Olvera says. “For optimal sheerness, use them with clear faux nail tips. For this look, I used three layers of DipWell's JL04 purple jelly shade.”

Dip Powder Nail Design: Mood Changing Dip Powders

Courtesy of Anastasia Totty

According to Anastasia Totty, educator with LeChat Nails, dip powders with the temperature-activated color-changing technology of mood rings are going to be wildly popular this year, “as temperatures will go cold to hot with going from inside to outside, creating fun color shifts.” Depending on the length of your nails, you’ll always have an easy ombré look as the tips of your nails will remain cooler.

Dip Powder Nail Design: Pink Dip

Courtesy of Anastasia Totty

“After those fun ideas, our focus shifts to a classic, professional look that requires minimum maintenance,” Totty tells TZR. “A perfect pink dip manicure will last two to three weeks and will always fit any outfit choice.” For a soft, sheer pink shade, she recommends LeChat Perfect Match 3-in-1 Powder in Awe-thentic, which “works on any skin tone for even and natural looking color coverage will last and keep nails healthy.”

Dip Powder Nail Design: Baby Boomer Nails

Courtesy of Anastasia Totty

“The so-called ‘baby boomer’ dip manicure is always popular, and we can’t get enough of it,” says Totty. “It’s a great way to ‘dress up’ that natural pink with a light white tip.” A baby boomer mani is a slight variation of classic French tips, which traditionally features a neutral pink base and a crisp, contrasting white tip. Baby boomer nails, on the other hand, blend the two colors for a softer, more natural fade.

Dip Powder Nail Design: Decal Accents

Courtesy of Anastasia Totty

“Adding enhancements to dip manicures is getting more and more popular… hand painted [designs], decals, or Swarovski crystals,” Totty tells TZR. An easy way to dress up a simple manicure, she says, is to pop on crystals, like these adorable bunny tails. “If you get tired of the same color, enhance it with a playful cheetah print, cow print, or holographic foil,” she adds.

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