A Low Puff Pony Is The Spring Hairstyle Instagram Can’t Get Enough Of

Plus, expert-approved styling tips.

by Natasha Marsh
Puff Hairstyles for spring

Among the various protective hairstyles, puff buns and ponytails are by far one of the easiest and quickest to recreate. In case you’re not already familiar, according to Whitney Eaddy, celebrity hair stylist and founder of Juices & Botanics, puff hairstyles are “a simple ponytail or bun for highly textured or curly hair.”

The best part about the fuss-free hairstyle is the amount of variations you can play around with depending on your mood. The puff hairstyle is simple and perfect for those on-the-go or who don’t like spending a ton of styling time in the morning. And if you’d like to wear the look to a special occasion, simply add a bold lip or statement earrings to spice things up.

In terms of what texture the style looks best on, Eaddy believes the tighter your texture, coils, and curls, the more volume and fullness you’ll get in a puff style. “Puff styles work better on tighter or curlier textures because of the built-in natural texture and volume of the hair,” the expert shares. And Erinn Courtney, StyleSeat hairstylist agrees: “Straight or wavy (hair types 1 and 2) wouldn't naturally puff and would require a lot of teasing and product to achieve the style.”

To find out what puff hairstyles can be added into your spring rotation, TZR tapped five celebrity hairstylists for the 411. Plus, they share their best styling tips.

Exaggerated Baby Hairs Puff

Jazz up the traditional two puff hairstyle with dramatic baby hairs swirling around the edges of your face. To achieve at home, simply part hair directly down the middle and tie up the hair in two puff buns. Aquage’s brand ambassador Laura Polko suggests first putting the hair in a ponytail then swirling around to make the bun. You can use a teasing comb if you want more volume. For the baby hairs: take an edge control brush and curl gel or hair wax to design the swirls and twirls to your liking.

Embellished Puff

To update your classic puff ponytail, Eaddy recommends adding an accessory, like a headscarf or braids for more dimension. Plait in a couple braids to one side of your head and throw up the hair in a pony tail on top of your crown. Finish off with a spray in leave-in conditioner for enhanced moisture.

Two Puffs

Mane Addicts stylist, Sabrina Porsche describes the classic two puff buns as the most notable puff style out there. Smooth both sides upwards with hair gel and place into two neat buns. The best part is this look can be easily dressed down for an all day look or enhanced with big hoops and a smokey eye for a night out. However you wear it, remember to work in a hair serum all over your ends for a shiny statement hairstyle.

Curly Puff

Similar to pineapple hair, the curly puff allows your curls to be on full display. Whatever curl type you have, let the curls fall wherever they naturally desire in a high pony. If you plan to wear this style for a few days, spritz in a hair milk to avoid frizz and revive curls.

Low Puff Pony

Often celebrated for sitting at the crown of the head, low puff ponytails scream elegance and are ideal for a special occasion. Slick back the hair with a hair pomade and brush hair down into a low pony. And remember to always start with clean hair. Michelle O’Connor, Ulta Beauty pro team member and celebrity stylist, recommends Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner to lock in shine and retain moisture.

High Puff Bun

Eaddy recommends the classic puff bun for longer lengths of hair. Prior to styling, the expert recommends detangling the hair with a comb or brush from root to ends to make grabbing hair into puffs easier. Style with extra hairpins to secure the curly bun.

Half Up, Half Down

Who says puffs have to pull all your hair up? Let your hair be looser by styling your puff half-up half-down. Stacey-Ann Houston, Ulta Beauty design team member and master stylist, recommends this style for someone who doesn’t want to commit to full puffs and as a great in-between wash day style to try out.

Fringe It Out

If you hopped on the spring bangs trend, rest assured you can display both trends with this puff hairstyle. Let bangs air dry or braid in twists and unravel when you are ready to wear the trend out. A soft bristle brush works best for the overall puff to get the pony tight and secured.

Twisted Puff

Polko is seeing a lot of puffs that are slicked back, high on the head, with flat twists at the front. To nail this look, start by sectioning the front of your hair into five flat twists and finish out with sleek edges and exaggerated puff. Polko recommends the Molding Megagel to achieve the secure and slicked back look.