10 Celebrities That Prove Gray Hair Is Not Only Normal, But Chic, Too

Aging is a beautiful thing.

by Natasha Marsh
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Gone are the days when you fear your first gray hair. Although society might shy against getting older, there are plenty of silver celebrities out there proving that you can have just as much fun with haircuts, hairstyles, and life overall. Ahead, 10 A-listers that will inspire you to embrace your grays.@andiemacdowell
Stacy London

Beloved for her personal style and electric energy, Stacy London is one of the latest celebs proving gray hair can be glamorous. Instead of coloring the gray hairs coming in, she is welcoming them in a sleek blowout that is beyond chic.

Glenn Close

One scroll through social media and you’ll see a theme on celebrities of all ages: bangs. Channel your inner Glenn Close with a modern straight fringe and bob haircut. When styling this one, make sure to grab a hair paste to keep bangs straight and in place.

Andie McDowell

As seen on Andie McDowell, a curly lob is great for all kinds of curls, specifically ringlets as it grants real estate for each curl to live freely. Keeping a curl pudding and leave-in conditioner spray on hand will be your best tools with this one.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Beloved by all ages, the pixie is a great haircut that highlights all of your facial features, especially cheekbones. You can wear it with any texture, wavy, straight, or curly, and it is quite the show-stopping look with gray hair.

Getty/Rich Fury
Helen Mirren

Channel Helen Mirren’s sleek flipped out blowout for summer, a chic tribute to the popular ‘60s hairstyle. You can achieve the look with a flat iron by curling under and over, then finishing with a shine spray.

Tia Mowry

If you are ready to embrace the grays but frustrated at the slow process from root to ends, the big chop might be in your future. Great for all curly textures, the big chop will not only show off your gray hair but highlight your curl pattern, too.

Elizabeth McGovern

There is a lot of freedom in allowing your hair to naturally gray and come in as it pleases like McGovern. Yes, this might require more time but it might be the perfect transition period for those not yet committed to a full gray look.

Getty/Raymond Hall
Jane Fonda

Who says blondes have more fun? With gray hair you are still privy to style and can accessorize however you desire. So keep enjoying your season with a beret, bucket hat, or hair clip. After all, it’s Jane Fonda-approved.

Rita Moreno

Miley Cyrus might have championed the modern mullet over the years, but actors like Rita Moreno originally turned heads with the look. The curly mullet features a full fringe with cascading curls down the back and it looks especially cool with silver strands.

Allison Janney

A grown-out pixie á la Allison Janney is a sophisticated way to wear your gray hair. If you’re looking for some volume, you can always blow dry with a round brush for more shape. And for a day-to-day product, a little hair oil will goes a long way in holding down flyaways.

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