Charlize Theron Just Traded In Her Platinum Pixie Cut For This 'Ugly' Haircut

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Charlize Theron built her well-respected career on her ability to completely transform into any character — but those same skills that help her believably morph into an entirely different person mean she’s uniquely suited for pulling off all sorts of aesthetics on the red carpet. To mark the release of her new film, Jurassic World: Dominion, Theron shocked (then delighted) fans by unveiling an inky, choppy new haircut that’s more than a major departure from the traditionally glamorous looks she usually favors. Charlize Theron’s mullet proves she’s not afraid to experiment — and that she can truly pull any hairstyle and trendy hair colors off like a seasoned pro. And in a way, she kind of is.

Theron’s edgy, lively new look made its debut at the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP) Jurassic World Dominion Block Party, a philanthropic celebration to support financial, health, education, and quality of life equity in southern Africa — Theron’s from Johannesburg and formed the nonprofit back in 2007. Held on the Universal Studios lot, the event culminated with a screening of Theron’s new dinosaur-filled movie. There, the world got its first glimpse of her transformative haircut, the work of Adir Abergel. As one of Theron’s most trusted stylists (and Hollywood’s in general — he works closely with Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Garner) both on and off-set, it makes sense that he’d be the one to shake up her entire aesthetic.

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As it happens, the rocker-chic look isn’t really a mullet at all, but rather a mixte. Coined by Abergel himself, the mixte incorporates the elements of a classic mullet and pixie cut for a totally unique look that brings out the best of both. Abergel’s take on the mullet also features some wispy, artfully rumpled bangs skimming Theron’s newly darkened brows — exciting color change courtesy of fame colorist Tracey Cunningham. “Sometimes we think we need to go light for summer but going dark can bring out the color of your eyes and frame your face,” he explains in a press release breaking down the look.

Her bold aesthetic shift makes an even more extreme impact when you compare the exciting new haircut with Theron’s hair at her most recent appearance. Just a few weeks ago, she was sporting her usual icy-platinum color with a breezy micro-bob on the BAFTA red carpet.

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To style the mixte for Theron’s big moment, Abergel used several products from the best-selling Virtue line to add texture, gloss, and friz-free smoothness to the actor’s fresh cut. On Theron’s damp hair, Abergel layered on the brand’s new Frizz Block Smoothing Spray to ward off the June humidity and seal in shine. After shellacking the hair in an additional frizz cream and the Virtue Split End Serum, the release explains that Abergel twisted and twirled random rocks of hair to shape them before blowdrying with a diffuser — all the while, taking care to follow the natural curve of Theron’s neck. Finally, once her hair has been waved with a curling iron, Abergel locks it all in with oil and a light misting of Virtue’s 6-In-1 Style Guard Hair Spray.

Theron’s always been a fan of short, sophisticated haircuts — especially a delicate pixie — but this deep raven color is uncharted (yet very refreshing) waters for the actor. With an entire list of high-profile projects coming up, who knows where Theron plans to take her look next? Fingers crossed for yet another bold shakeup. Shop her hairstylist’s mullet must-haves below.

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