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I Swear I Didn't Get A Lash Lift — It's Just My New Go-To Mascara

Natural-looking lashes with volume and length? Yes, please.

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A woman wearing Byredo Astronomical Mascara
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In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, we tested the new Byredo Astronomical Mascara.

Get ready mascara fans because Byredo has launched its Astronomical Mascara, a volumizing formula that joins brand’s Space Black and Tears in Rain mascaras. Whether you use false lashes day in and day out or are just on the hunt for a product that can do it all, then you know that a mascara that *actually* delivers on its promise to lengthen, volumize, and separate lashes is pretty hard to come by. The Astronomical Mascara aims to add volume, length, separation, and thickness to all types of lashes, no matter their length or how straight they are naturally.

What’s even harder to come across is a mascara that provides all these benefits and is made with clean ingredients. The Astronomical Mascara is Byredo’s cleanest mascara to date (more on those formula details in a bit) making it yet another enticing option in the rapidly expanding category.

Since I enjoy the look of intense lashes while also embracing the idea that what I put on my body is actually healthy for me, I knew I had to test it out for myself to see if Byredo’s new release would deliver. Here’s what I’ve come to realize about Byredo’s Astronomical Mascara.

My Lash Goals

I’ve recently dabbled in Twee-inspired makeup, and sure, Twee requires a cute winged liner along with a fresh-faced makeup look — but what makes the liner really pop is a set of long, luscious lashes. My lashes are pretty lengthy on their own, but I can’t deny that I’m always looking for a mascara that will lengthen them even more while adding intense volume. I *am* a bit of a mascara snob, though, and most lengthening and volumizing mascaras on the market tend to look goopy, resulting in spidery lashes. In addition to length and volume, I’m always after clean mascara formulas that will create separation to make my lashes wispy and full while still looking like they’re natural.

My lashes before applying Byredo's Astronomical Mascara. Isabella Sarlija

What’s So Special About The Astronomical Mascara?

My request for length, volume, and separation isn’t an easy one to deliver, but Byredo mastered the art of producing va-va-voom lashes with this product. The Astronomical Mascara is a long-lasting formula (though not claiming to be waterproof) that creates volume at the base of the lashes while simultaneously separating them with its curved wand applicator. But volume and separation aren’t the only things that make this formula special; the Astronomical Mascara also creates a curl in the lashes while lengthening them, resulting in a lift that resembles falsies with just one coat. It’s also humidity-resistant which is perfect for anyone that lives in rainy or warm climates.

The Byredo Astronomical MascaraIsabella Sarlija

In terms of its clean stats, the formula is completely vegan with 91% natural ingredients (although this language, from the brand, is a bit vague), and it's free of natural endocrine disruptors, pesticide residue, and GMOs.

Testing The Astronomical Mascara

At first glance, I was struck by the quintessential Byredo packaging. This mascara has the brand’s signature staple horn design, making it easy to spot in my sea of makeup tubes I have in storage, and the bright emerald green color is perfect if you (like me) are always on the hunt for unique products to display on your vanity.

But, beauty isn’t just what’s on the outside — what’s on the inside counts, too. I was taken aback by how thin the mascara wand is. Most all-in-one-lengthening-volumizing-and-thickening mascaras have thick wands, but this one has silicone teeth that are fairly narrow and short, making it great for coating those hard-to-reach lashes and lower lashes without accidentally smearing formula onto the skin.

Isabella Sarlija

I’m happy to report that this is my new go-to mascara for days or nights when I want intense length without the hassle of applying false lashes. With just one coat, this mascara creates a natural-looking separation in my lashes without that telltale, goopy spidery finish. I actually had someone ask me if I had just gotten a lash lift (and to tell them where I went because they look so great). Even my father noticed my lashes’ intensity — and he never notices any of the things I do that are beauty-related.

My lashes after applying Byredo’s Astronomical Mascara. Isabella Sarlija

Of course, having mascara look great within the first hour of application is pretty standard, but I wanted to see if this formula was as long-lasting as it claims to be. I’m glad to say that during my two weeks of trying Byredo’s Astronomical Mascara, it lasted throughout entire workdays, dinners with friends, and even long walks at night.

And despite its long-lasting formula, the Astronomical Mascara is quite easy to remove if you have the correct cleansing products. Soaking your lashes in micellar water or using an oil cleanser is ideal for completely removing this mascara at the end of the day.

Is Byredo’s New Mascara Worth The Price?

Yes, this formula costs $46, which is almost double the standard price for a mascara you’d find at most retailers — but what you’re paying for is the clean formula, the quality, and the fact that you can achieve falsie-level lashes in just one coat. And because it’s Byredo, there is more of an artistic quality to the packaging, which is lovely to experience. If you are more of a natural-lash person, this might not be the formula for you, but if you’re always looking for something that will make people think, what did they do to their lashes? then Byredo’s Astronomical Mascara should be on your must-have beauty wish list.

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