(Trial Run)

I Tried The Liquid Eyeliner That Promises To Help Lengthen Your Lashes

And it never ever budges.

Isabella Sarlija posing while having Freck Beauty LASHROCKET liner on

In our series Trial Run, TZR editors and writers put the buzziest new beauty products to the test and share their honest reviews. This week, we tried the new Freck Beauty LASHROCKET Liner.

Today marks the beginning of your journey towards long, fluttery lashes, thanks to Freck Beauty’s new LASHROCKET Liner, which officially launched last week. From kohl liners worn in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the Alexa Demie-inspired eye-shaping liner looks today, liner has had a long-running place in many a beauty guru’s makeup routine. Now, clean-beauty brand Freck Beauty embarks on a new chapter in eyeliner’s evolution — its LASHROCKET Liner is a liquid liner that contains lash-enhancing peptides to give you longer, fuller, and wispier lashes with continued use.

Pep-who? Let me take it back to Biology 101 for just a moment. Peptides are short chains of amino acids, also known as the building blocks for proteins. In terms of hair growth, peptides help to supplement hair follicles with the tools it needs to build lash hairs, resulting in an uptick of both length and volume. When I heard the news of LASHROCKET Liner’s ability to lengthen my lashes while giving me some serious color payoff, I knew I had to test it out for myself.

My Lash and Liner Journey

My lashes are pretty long and curly on their own, thanks to my Mediterranean genes. These days, however, I’ve been experiencing some lash fallout along with brittleness that makes the ends of my lashes look obsolete. I’m on the lookout for a product that’ll *actually* lengthen my lash hairs for those days when I just don’t feel like wearing mascara.

Isabella’s bare lashes before using Freck Beauty’s LASHROCKET Liner.Isabella Sarlija

In terms of my makeup style, I’ve fallen into the Twee rabbit hole that TikTok so graciously placed on my “For You” page, and I’m almost certain I’ll be incorporating the Zooey Deschanel-inspired look into my 2022 lineup . The best way for me to try this trend out is gently, starting with changing up my makeup routine from an au naturale look to one that includes winged liner every single day.

An Inside Look On The LASHROCKET Liner

Along with the peptide serum to condition and enhance existing lashes, the LASHROCKET Liner is a mega-black formula — according to an in-home study conducted by Freck Beauty, 100% of participants said that this formula is highly pigmented.

Isabella wearing the Freck Beauty LASHROCKET Liner. Isabella Sarlija

In fact, this formula is so pigmented that Remi, founder of Freck Beauty, revealed to TZR that the photographer and creative producer on set for LASHROCKET Liner’s photoshoot, celebrity makeup artist Robin Black, was shocked at how black this liner showed up on camera and in real life. And Black was Amy Winehouse’s makeup artist for a bit, which says a lot.

A swatch of the Freck Beauty LASHROCKET Liner. Isabella Sarlija

Now, liquid liner is notoriously difficult to apply and it tends to dry out in its packaging. Luckily, the LASHROCKET Liner has a no-dry inkwell that will keep your eyeliner liquid fresh down to the very last drop. Plus it has a flexible felt tip brush that doesn’t tug at the delicate eye area, making it easy to use for both eyeliner novices and pros alike. And this ophthalmologist-tested formula is transfer-proof, meaning that it’ll be kind to your sensitive eyes while staying put all day long.

My Lashes Post-LASHROCKET Liner

I’ve used this product every day for about three weeks, creating a thin line from the inner corner of my upper lash line that extends out to a wing. (It’s important to place this liner as close to the root of your lashes as possible so that the peptides can do their job.) Along with helping me switch up my makeup routine, I’ve seen growth in both the length and volume of my lashes. And even though I haven’t worn liquid liner on a daily basis since high school, the LASHROCKET Liner’s lengthy wand and flexible felt tip applicator allowed me to maneuver the product around my lash line with ease.

Isabella’s bare lashes after using Freck Beauty’s LASHROCKET Liner for three weeks.Isabella Sarlija

And I didn’t have to worry about reapplying my Twee-inspired makeup throughout the day — this liner remained highly pigmented and sat exactly where I placed it from application down to the moment I washed it off at the end of the day. I even once accidentally took a nap while wearing the LASHROCKET Liner, and it didn’t smudge or flake at all. Here’s proof below.

Isabella’s liner, in-tact, after a nap. Isabella Sarlija

While the liner is long-lasting with the right products, the removal process is pretty breezy. You won’t want to use just water — I notice that if I remove this liner with plain water, I need to tug at my delicate eye area a ton to clean my skin at the end of the day. Instead, when I gently massage an oil cleanser over my eye makeup, this liner comes off as easily as it goes on, with no excessive rubbing necessary.

Do You Need The LASHROCKET Liner?

I’ll cut to the chase with this one: yes. I highly recommend going out and getting Freck Beauty’s LASHROCKET Liner if you’re in the market for both a new liquid liner and a product that will lengthen your lashes and add volume. The product is priced at $24, placing it at the median price range for most liquid liners. But what makes this 2-in-1 formula special is the conditioning and enhancing peptide serum inside, which, honestly, is a steal since most lash serums on the market today cost upwards of $100. Plus, it was simple to use even for me, a person who has not regularly worn liquid liner in almost a decade, thanks to its flexible felt tip and serious color payoff.

So, will I embrace Twee in the coming months? Who’s to say — but wherever my style ends up, I’ll be arriving with long, fluttery lashes, courtesy of Freck Beauty’s LASHROCKET Liner.

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