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Ombré Manicures Are A Surefire Way To Make Blue Nail Polish *Really* Pop

Tangled up in blues.

Dark blue ombre nails in almond shape

Trend-lovers, an important update you may have missed: According to celebrity nail artists, it looks like blue is set to be 2023’s top color trend. Rich navies, purple-toned midnight blues, green-infused jewel blue, and happy-go-lucky sky shades all prove how versatile the color really can be — so why not combine them all? Gradient-effect manicures incorporate several different shades into a faded, color-changing look and, thanks to its recent popularity, blue ombré nail ideas are absolutely everywhere. The thing is, though, the modern definition of ombré is excitingly loose. While it typically refers to blending all on the same nail, it’s increasingly used to refer to different shades on each nail, which creates that gradient when they’re all next to each other. For today’s purposes, you’ll find plenty of each below — why stay limited to just one ombré look?

The ombré trend is filled with celebrity-loved shades like soft baby blue and summery blue-greens, and feature more than a few favorite finishes (two words: glazed donut). But the best part about the blue ombré nail craze is how easily it can be tweaked and adjusted to suit anyone’s personal aesthetic. Get started on your personal take on the look by checking out the inspo below.

Starry Night Speckles

These shimmery, silvery nails combine the best parts of several trends, including glitter tips, jelly nails, and — of course — a gradient, ombré effect. The scattering of nail crystals and celestial-looking spangles makes the mani look more like a starry night.

Abstract Ombré Tips

The one-shade-per-finger ombré look was made for low-key minimalists — but this version, complete with abstract French tips and metallic gold borders — is just straight-up glam.

Matte Finish

It’s hard to say what’s more eye-catching about this intricate manicure — the sophisticated matte finish or the ultra-detailed butterflies draped across a few special nails?

Airbrushed Effect

Ombré nails can be created a few different ways for slightly varying looks, but the airbrush effect is one of the coolest by far. By leaving the rest of the nails a pale nude, the bright blue pigment can really pop.

Hint Of Color Tips

The lightest shades of blue are so soft and muted, they’re nearly white — which means they’re perfect for super subtle takes on the classic French manicure. Not only do these short, oval-shaped nails utilize the unexpected color, but the ombré fade is a cool replacement for traditional tips.

Heavenly Clouds

Can’t you practically hear the cherubs sing? This blue ombré mani, painted over short, sharp almond-shaped nails, takes cues from the heavens above with a soft gradient that fades into twinkling, butterfly-dotted clouds.

Understated Ombré

Low-key lovers, this was made for you. The pretty, effortless manicure combines just two shades of periwinkle and lavender to create a soft, blended effect across every nail.

Sea-Inspired Shades

Nature-inspired beauty is always a safe bet, especially when it incorporates all the colors of the sea. This beachy manicure combines solid ombré nails with two-tone French tips — and plenty of glitter — to create something totally distinct.

Icy-Blue Tips

Square-shaped nails are expected to reign in 2023, and this delicate blue ombré mani is exactly why. The squared-off ends are a perfect start for the sky-blue shade, concluding with a natural nude-pink through the beds.

Ombré Glazed Donut

It’s official — there is no manicure trend on earth that can’t be topped with a Hailey Bieber “glazed donut nails” finish. The captivating chrome on this mani, though, plays second-fiddle to the gentle ombré that fades baby pink into baby blue.

Half-Moon Blues

The most avant-garde use of ombré here, these incredibly low-key half-moon nails are Main Character energy distilled into a manicure. The thin shades of blue across the nails just barely touch the silvery, sparkly arches, illuminating the entire thing.

Faded Shades

When in doubt, pair any nail color with white to make a faded ombré. This manicure has the same lived-in feel as a cherished pair of blue jeans, but with plenty of personality.