20 Mouthwatering Summer Scents That Are Vibrant & Unique

Treat yourself to a scent upgrade this season.

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In a much needed jolt of good news, the weather is (slowly) warming up, wardrobe revisions are underway, and everyone is gearing up for a season of fun, travel, and entertaining. But while you’re booking your next bikini wax and stocking up on new swimwear, you may want to consider upgrading your summer fragrance lineup — especially if you want to channel that fun, sensual, and up-for-anything energy.

With this collective feel of newfound freedom in the air, you might want to treat yourself to a new scent that embodies this mindset. While rose and woodsy base notes dominated spring’s fragrance profiles, this season is all about waking up your olfactory senses with something light, airy, and refreshing. Think crisp linens, beachside scents, tropical florals, and so many more summertime fragrances to transport you to a beachside vacay — even if you’re just hanging out on your rooftop or front porch.

Changing your fragrance profile isn’t necessarily a seasonal requirement, but it’s nice to switch things up every once in a while — why wear dark, spicy fragrances from last winter when you can indulge in a sweet, citrusy scent anyways? There are dozens of new fragrances for recharging your usual fragrance profile, and of course, you can’t forget the classic scents that are essential for summertime.

So, as the temps rise, manifest your hot girl summer 2.0 vibes with some of these warm-weather fragrance favorites. From playful citrus aromas to airy florals, these 20 summertime scents will instantly prep you for the season ahead and remind you to enjoy everything the warm weather has to offer.

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