If You're Looking For Natural Hair Inspiration, These Are The Women To Follow On IG

Styling tips for days.

by Náosha Gregg
red afro on natural hair

Over the last decade, there has been more and more Black women rocking their natural hair. From kinks, curls, coils and locs, they are proving just how magical and versatile our texture is, with many natural hair influencers leading the way. According to Mintel, 40% of Black women are likely to wear their hair without any heat styling, and 33% are likely to wear it with heat styling. However, as the natural hair movement continues to grow, it's easy to become overwhelmed with information on how to care for it. Open Tiktok or Instagram and you’ll be flooded with DIY hair masks, porosity tests, and hair care ads which makes the process of caring for and styling your natural hair a bit more intimidating.

Whether you want to show off your curls with a wash-and-go or go for the sleek look with a fresh silk press, there are plenty of people to follow for tips and tricks to make your hair days a little easier. TZR rounded up 15 of the best natural hair influencers that should be on your radar — from locs and safely colored strands to twist-outs and puffs, keep reading for your ultimate guide on caring for your natural strands.

Janae Harris (@_harrisjanae_)

With so many different options, it's easy to be overwhelmed when picking a natural hairstyle. Janae Harris creates content to show you how to get the shiniest and most voluminous twist out through simple and easy DIY tutorials. The influencer is also a mom of two, so she understands that time is precious and even throws in some tips and tricks to style your mini-me.

Imani Kendra (@kendraimanii)

Adding color to natural hair is a very delicate and intricate process. On top of the care routine for curls and coils, adding dye can complicate it (since lifting color with bleach can be very drying and damaging if you’re not careful). Kendra covers every base for naturalists who want to go blonde. From sharing wash routines and showing natural processes such as root touch-ups, Kendra is perfect for the naturalist thinking about going blonde.

Dee (@iamthatnaturalgirl)

I personally am obsessed with Dee, because she has hair texture and color that looks like me. Finding influencers that have the same thick 4b/4c hair as myself has been a challenge — add colored blonde and brown highlights to the mix and it’s almost a needle in a haystack. One of the reasons I love Dee’s content is because it shows realistic styles and results for women with hair like me. Yes, our wash and go’s may be a little thicker and less defined. Yes, shrinkage may cause our twists to look shorter, but Dee’s content reminds us that that’s OK.

Che Angelique (@heyitscheee__)

Locs have gained popularity over the last two years, and although the style is low-maintenance and easy to style, it still requires some knowledge and proper care to maintain the look. Angelique creates various tutorials and shares her journey of her locs from start to finish, including debunking loc maintenance myths, product trials, and discriminatory comments against locs.

Janae Mason (@Nae2Curly)

As naturalists, we face many frustrations that might have us scream (or cry, respectively) in the mirror when it comes to hair. Having a safe space to freely vent about taking your twist out down even when you knew it wasn’t dry (ahem, guilty) or the exhausting, day-long process of taking down box braids is exactly what Mason provides.

Teli (@telistyles)

Having coarse, thick, natural hair can be difficult to manage, and finding styles that are cute but low manipulation can take some work, which is why figuring out which deep conditioner is best for your porosity is a science project on its own. Thankfully, Teli posts how-to’s on everything from how to deep condition and maintain moisture to setting up a care routine for your braids.

Kelsy (@prinscessa_curls)

Curls just want to have fun and Kelsy is here to help us do so safely. Copper red has been a trending color this year and Kelsy shows naturals how to achieve and maintain healthy, copper curls from wash and go’s to safely detangling.

Edose Okojie @this.afrothing

OK, so being a naturalista definitely strengthens your arms (cue hours of twisting, then untwisting). But when you’re trying to have a hot girl summer, sometimes time does not allow for the intricate hairstyle that you want. Described as a ‘lazy naturalista’, follow @this.afrothing her for every hack you need for ultimate hairstyling with minimal effort.

Kalere (@hearhairr)

If length and retention are one of your goals, then Kalere has got you covered. The influencer shares her hair journey, documenting her growth and products that help with retention, and showing you that shrinkage is, quite literally, just an illusion.

Brianna Jenkins (@breezyspuffss)

Take a break from gels and curl definition and just enjoy your puff. Brianna shares tutorials and styles to rock your natural hair after it starts to puff a few days after your latest wash and go and how to appreciate your naturally fluffy fro.

Adanna Madueke (@AdannaMadueke)

Get you somebody who can do both… or just follow Adanna. This naturalista is your go-to if you love to switch between protective styles and your natural hair. From classy up-dos to quick and easy half-up, half-down styles, Madueke is the true embodiment of just how flexible and versatile natural hair is.

Ngozichukwu (@i.am_ngozi)

If you haven’t attempted a puff are you really natural? Getting the perfect, fluffy ball on top of your head can be intimidating, but Ngozi has us covered with easy-to-do puff styles that are cute, quick, and have plenty of height.

Jemima (@limitlessbloom)

While braids are often considered low maintenance, they require just as much TLC as any other natural hairstyle. Follow Jemima for everything you need to know about nourishing healthy braids with natural hair, from properly oiling your scalp to styling with decorative beads.

Fo Adunni (@fo_adunni_)

Having a tighter curl pattern may make you feel like you are limited to the styles that you can try, but Adunni shows us that’s not true. She illustrates how to rock fros with shrinkage and tighter coils, and tips to keep them shiny and moisturized.

Ashley Masse (@ashley_masse)

If your natural hair philosophy is the bigger, the better, then Ashley is your girl. Never sacrificing curl definition for volume her styles are simple and cute not to mention she’s always open with sharing what products she uses with her followers. She also throws in the occasional protective style and her luscious locks go from honey blonde to fiery red at any given time so the versatility is never lacking.

Sofi (@the_odditty)

A recent study found that approximately 40% of women will experience hair loss by the age of 40. Sofi is a beautiful reminder that you don’t need a full head of hair to be confident and glamorous. Follow her for tips on how to rock a natural low/bald cut, and embrace your beauty.