The New Natural Hair Care Brands That Will Dominate In 2021

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Afro Sheen
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There's not a single one-size-fits-all product when it comes to natural hair. And while many argue that that's what makes it so unique and beautiful (and it is), it can also be stressful when figuring out the best products for kinkier textures. Especially with time at home increased, and the requirement to be self-taught hairstylists continued, more attention to our curls is required. But luckily, there's been no shortage of products that aid with that. Unlike those prior, however, the best new natural haircare brands are filling the voids that have still existed in the texture space, and they're doing so masterfully.

Take the November launch 4C Only, for example. The first-of-its-kind brand focuses solely on the needs of those with kinkier textures, allowing 4C girls to no longer require heaps of product for wash day. Then there's Bread, which was introduced by an Australian native who noticed that the natural hair care market overseas was lacking, and decided to create her own. Emerge is also on that list, a millennial-focused brand marked by lively colors and even more lively ingredients.

Check out these new natural haircare brands that are nothing like the others and will breathe new life into your coils.

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New Natural Haircare Brands: Emerge

Created with Gen-Z in mind, this six-piece brand boasts a reasonable price point for naturals who want perfect hair without breaking the bank. "From dance to photography and everything in between, Emerge gives women the confidence needed, in their hair and themselves, to focus on their passions unapologetically," Soumya Donkaka, innovation and strategy at Unliver said in a January 2020 release.

New Natural Haircare Brands: Juices & Botanics

With a mission statement of "rejecting societal untruths and showing that, as Black women, we can grow our hair, ourselves and our communities through self-love, self-care, and sisterhood," Juices & Botanics was founded by natural haircare expert Whitney Eaddy with the intention of providing optimal hair growth.

New Natural Haircare Brands: Bread

Founded by Australian-native Maeva Heim, the ex-Procter & Gamble and L'Oréal exec, created Bread with a desire to add to the natural hair care selection on the continent. The products aim to simplify wash day, add hydration, and make hair care easier overall. The 2020 recipient of the Sephora Accelerate program occupies nearly every Sephora storefront worldwide.

New Natural Haircare Brands: Afro Sheen

A favorite throughout the '60s and '70s, this 2020 relaunch came not only with brand new packaging, but also brand new formulas focused on the diversity of curls, as well as protective styles and men's grooming.

New Natural Haircare Brands: 4C Only

The first haircare brand specifically designed for 4C hair, these products — formulated by both a Black chemist and Black hairstylist — target the needs of tighter textures. That includes more emollient conditioners, more hydrating shampoos, and packaging that makes for easy and adequate dispersal.

New Natural Haircare Brands: Sunday II Sunday

Described as an "athleisure hair brand," the cruelty free formulas were created for those who live a more active lifestyle and can't afford to wash their hair every day. The June 2020 launch is all about refreshing hair, without having to compromise daily workouts and style.

New Natural Haircare Brands: Flawless By Gabrielle Union

This year, actor Gabrielle Union relaunched her haircare brand alongside her longtime hairstylist Larry Sims. The staple products include ingredients such as bacuri butter, biotin, moringa oil, shea butter, and rice oil complex for super hydration.

New Natural Haircare Brands: Mane Temptation

The vegan hair care line was originally a hobby for founder Nicole Patterson. She wanted safe products that would cater to her hair and eventually became a necessity when she was diagnosed with Grave's Disease. The vegan products launch in Jan. 2021.

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